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Bella Goth was the proud wife to Mortimer Goth. And a outstanding mother to her lovely kids Alexander, Casandra and Camila Goth. They lived in Pleasantview. Well one day while Mortimer took a little nap Bella went up to the roof and looked through the telescope. All of a sudden Bella was beamed to a spaceship. BELLA HAD BEEN ABDUCTED BY ALIENS!!!! When Mortimer awoke he searched for his wife but when he saw the laser beam burns on the roof he knew right then that his beautiful wife Bella Elizabeth Goth had been abducted by aliens. Mortimer and his family was heart broken. After months and months of forever-going searching. Someone in Strangetown spotted Bella. And asked her many questions but she didn't remember anything. A later sciencetist named Loki had discovered that the aliens dropped Bella off at the wrong city!! Mortimer wouldn't give up though. So Bella Goth is lurking some where in Strangetown. She is a kind of dark skined girl with long dark brown hair she wheres a red dress with a design of a flower going down the back.


I played The Sims 2 and went into Strangetown, after moving a family in I spawned the tombstone of L and D. Click Add Neighbor to Family.Keep clicking More until Bella's name shows up.Click on her and she will be added to your family and you can move her out of play her with the family.You cannot put her into family bin in the hopes of getting her back into Pleasantville, as she won't show up.The only way to play her is as herself in Strangetown.Also, she will have no memory of her old family or of her abduction by the aliens.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------What really did happen to her you ask well she was abducted by aliens that's it she ended up in Strange town because the aliens misplaced her some say shes on the cover of the milk but that's not her some say shes on the hot air balloon she could be that is not proven she was not murdered, sold just taken by aliens that's it if you do not believe you can go to this website and see so yourself real proof

copy it is real proof from the creator of Sims 2!

------------------------------------------------------------What happened was Bella's husband took a nap and then don rang up and asked her to come round because he had a thing for her and pretended to like Bella's daughter Cassandra. anyway she wanted to look through the telescope, but she got abducted by alien. for some reason they brought her back and she was confused, she left Don's and when she got home she looked through her own telescope again and got abducted again and she tried to fight back causing the ship to crash in to the roof. but there was no getting out, and when the aliens were done they tried to put her back but because of their crash the equipment was damaged and they dropped her off in strange town so look their make a family do spawn L and then keep going until u get to Bella and she Will come bk but with no memory of her family.

_______________________________________________________________ Sorry to tell you this but the Bella Goth in Strange Town is a fake. The REAL Bella Goth is in Pleasantville but she has a death token so when she is reunited with her family she dies soon after however after she dies you can resurect her. However you have to use the 'boolprop testingcheatsenabled true' cheat to reunite them. If you want to reunite them without using cheats you can try having Cassandra's logic skill at level 8, 9 or 10 and stargaze all night getting her abducted, this is essental, once she is abducted she will be returned however before she is returned the aliens should drop off a lovely woman wearing a red dress (Bella Goth). I'm not 100% sure if this works but alot of people have said it does and it's worth a shot, you can't lose anything right? Just save your game before hand, oh and all your sims, other than Cassandra, must be asleep or inside - so Cassandra is not in their vision.

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Q: Where is Bella Goth in Sims 2?
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How do you make Bella goth your girlfriend in the sims social?

You can't date Bella Goth on the Sims Social. Sorry :/

What happened to Bella Goth in the sims 2?

she was abducted by aliens and she is now in strangetown

On sims 2 where is Bella goth?

In the curio shoppe !! She is normally in the bathroom or on the phone.

Can Bella Goth be your roommate on Sims 2 for PSP?

She can be your roommate with Sims 2 for PC or Mac, but I don't know about PSP

On the sims bustin out can you marry Bella goth?

No. you cant marry Bella at the Goth manor. But you can be girlfriend and girlfriend or girlfriend and boyfriend. Thanks for your question

How do you find Bella goth on the sims 2 PC?

to find Bella goth you have to go to strangetown. i found her and i was surprised! I made her have like 6 kids ,but then she died. it was weird cuz she just vanished.

Can You Marry Bella Goth?

On Sims 2 PSP you can not marry people, because it is a story what you have to complete, also you can not have children!

Is Bella Goth the owner of Belladonna Cove in the sims 2?

i dont know about that but shes the owner of espritu estate

Is Bella goth in Sims 3?

Bella will be in Sims 3 but she is a child and her last name is Bachelor so that is the household she lives in and Mortimer is a child so you can help them meet. Sims 3 is the time before Sims 1 and 2 it's very interesting.

Where does Bella goth live in the sims 3?

This is sorta a secret, but I'll tell you where to find Bella.There is no Bella Goth in the sims 3! But there is Mortimer, right, Mortimer Goth?, as a kid! So let's think, Bella dissappeared as an adult, right? So she was a kid, and is in the sims 3. Her name is Bella Bachelor which is the name she had before getting married. She is about 9. I'm not exactly sure. She lives with her parents Simis and Jocasta Bachelor in the Bachelor household.

How do you get Bella goth in sims 2?

In sims 2 Bella Goth was ubducted in strange town. Usally she is part of the welcome comittey in strange town but that isn't the real Bella Goth. She lives somewhere in Pleasentview. You have a good chance of finding her there She was deleted by maxis I am sorry there is no way of getting her back with out cheats but she only stays for while then dies.The one in strangetown is a clone.Maxis made it to fool simmers. The clone has two children and no husband and doesn't have Bella Goth's memories. The real Bella Goth was eaither deleted or hiding is Pleasantview not Strangetown and the broken U.F.O at Strangetown is not real it is a design!

How do you find Bella Goth in the Sims 2 without cheat codes?

You can't find the real Bella Goth without cheats or mods.Actully if you go to strange town you can somtimes find her walknig by your house or at a community lot.

Can you invite Bella goth in your house on the psp version of the sims 2?

Yes, just give her a call, and she will come. But she cannot be a romate because she is not a townie.

Is Bella Goth in The Sims 3?

Actully Bella Goth is going to be in the sims three.but as a sould gogoogle it.or go here and read is not her ppl can you understand that is not her!It doesn't even look like her it isn't even the same skin color!

Is Bella Goth dead on The Sims 2?

No because when you look at a family tree the dead people are black and white and the alive people are coloured and when you look at Cassandra's or Alexander's family tree then Bella is coloured.

How do you get the real Bella Goth on the Sims 2 PC without Sim PE?

Go to Strangetown, pick a family, wait a little while, She is a NPC in Strangetown

Was Bella Goth having an affair?

no Bella Goth was not having affair she was tricking Don Lorthario.

How do get Inuyasha on sims 2?

Well you can trry doing wat Bella Goth did she got it from a bump on her head I dont think there is a way sorry hope I helped (plz don't hate me!) =) Littlemisspeppy

Where is Bella goth in sims2?

Bella is hidden in Pleasantview and can only be found using various cheats. The Bella Goth in Strange Town is not the real one, she is a decoy.

How can you marry bella goth in the sims social?

yes u can. You can knock her up by doing at least 30 romantic kisses then it says sleep together!

Where is the real Bella on Sims 2?

bs land

How do you get the royal llama people and beard beard the pirate and Bella goth to join your tribe in sims castaway ps2?

there aren't any of those in the ps2 version.

Did Bella goth get abducted by aleins?


Who is the most famous Sim?

Bella Goth

How do you find Bella goth?

You can find Bella Goth using this cheat boolProp testingCheatsEnabled true Then spawn The Tombstone of L and D In the goth family interact with the grave then press add neighbour one of them will say Bella press on it then Bella Goth will appear but she doesn't have her memories hope this helped _______________________OR___________________________ The non cheat/mod way is to play in StrangeTown neighborhood, she will walk by your house. I assume to increase the chance of that happening is to create or play a guy with Love aspiration and with Freetime expansion maxout the Love aspiration skill which is "your preferred gender will coincidentally pass by", although my sim wasn't max at the time, still Bella Goth pass by, I guess i was lucky. The computer will generate random sims from its archive or start a new sims if its run out, you just got to be patient. And if you don't have the freetime expansion try going to downtown or jst store within the neighborhood as often because even that will increase the chance of "computer random spawn" of Bella Goth. Sidenote: so far Im trying to woo her to see if she have any memory.