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== == It's in Dubai. On Jumeirah Road, use the Emirates Mall exit.

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Q: Where is Burj al Arab?
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What does burj-al-Arab symbolies?

Burj al-Arab is a hotel.

What is the address of burj al Arab?

Burj Al Arab is located in Dubai.

When was Burj Al Arab created?

Burj Al Arab was created in 1999.

How tall is the burj al Arab?

The Burj Al Arab is 321 meters tall.

How tall is Burj al-Arab?

Burj al-Arab is 1053 feet or 321 meters tall.

Which country is Burj Al Arab found?

Burj Al Arab is a building found at Dubai in UAE.

by name burj al arab transport llc?

by name burj al arab transport llc

Facts about the burj al Arab?

Burj Al Arab in Dubai is 1053 feet or 321 meters tall.

Why is the Burj-Al-Arab significant?

Burj Al Arab is significant because it is the only 7 star hotel in the world.

Cost to stay at burj al Arab?

The cost of a room at the Burj Al Arab begins at $1,000 USD per night.

Is the burj al Arab famous?

Yes. The Burj al-Arab is famous because it has a very unique sail-shape and has incredible amenities for its guests.

What is the purpose of burj al Arab?

It is a hotel.

What were the construction problems with the Burj al Arab?

Construction of the Burj al Arab hotel began in 1994. The biggest challenge was regulating the temperature inside the structure.

When did the Burj Al Arab Open?

it opened at 2005 which is very late for Burj Khalifa

Where is the beach Burj Al Arab?

In Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates republic.

What is the height of Burj Al Arab?

1053 feet

Where is the burj al Arab located?

it is located in Dubai

How many floors are there in burj al Arab?


How many windows does he Burj al Arab have?


Who is owner of burj al Arab?

tom wright

How old is burj al Arab?

11 years

What is the burj-al-Arab?

The Burj al Arab is a 7 star luxury hotel in the United Arab Emirates. Right next to the Burj Dubai (now called the Burj Kalifa) And for the cheapest hotel room is $2,000 per day. They say it is even more luxurious than at king's palace.

What is the famous hotel in Dubai called?


What is the most expensive hotel in the UAE?

Burj Al Arab

What is the world's fanciest hotel?

The Burj Al-Arab in Dubai