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Check you owner's manual, most GM call for you to turn the key to the on position and press the gas pedal 3 times within 5 seconds. the light falshes and goes out.

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โˆ™ 2005-01-26 02:07:34
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Q: Where is Change Oil reset button on 2004 Pontiac?
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Where is the fuel reset button on a 2004 Pontiac grand Am?

set in the passengers side of your car to the right side of your right foot is a plastic pannel remove it you will see the bypass switch push the button in to reset

How do you reset tire pressure on a 2004 Pontiac grand prix?

how do you reset the tire pressure warning light on a 2004 pontiac grand prix

How do you reset the oil change light after its been changed on a 2004 Lincoln ls sport?

After the oil has been changed, hit your status button. When the oil change comes up hit the reset button.

Where is the reset button on a 2004 Ford Freestar?

reset button is on dash to the right of steering wheel

Is there a reset button on the 04 Dodge Durango?

No. A 2004 Durango does not have a reset.

How do you reset abs light on 2004 Pontiac grand am?

The ABS light on a 2004 Pontiac Grand Am can be reset by connecting an OBDII code reader to the vehicle's computer. It can reset all codes and determine their cause.

How do you reset service engine soon light in a pontiac 2004 grand am se?

How to reset service light on a 2004 grand am

Does a 2004 Chevrolet have a reset button?

No such thing on that year.

How do you reset the change oil light on the dashboard of a 2004 infinity qx56 after an oil change?

Start the car push the trip button until you get to engine oil and select reset and you are done.

How do you reset the check gas cap light on a 2004 Pontiac grand prix if just pressing the reset button on the computer doesnt work?

Unplug your positive cable for 2 minutes , then re-connect.

How do you reset the change oil light in 2004 alero?

how do you reset change the oil light in a 2004 alero?

How do you reset the change oil indicator in a 2004 Lincoln town car?

Press mode button until oil life or change oil or change oil now is displayed. Press and hold mode button for 5 seconds until reset for new oil is displayed, then hold reset for 2 seconds.

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