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The capital of Denmark has these coordinates : 55° 40′ 34″ N, 12° 34′ 6″ E

It's bridging the eastern part of the big island of Zealand ('Sjælland' in Danish) and the Northern part of the small island Amager.

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Q: Where is Copenhagen located?
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Where is the city Copenhagen located?

A: The city of Copenhagen is located in Denmark.

Where is the city of Copenhagen?

Copenhagen is the capital of Denmark, located to the far east of the country.

Where is Tivoli Gardens located?

It is in Copenhagen.

Where is the court located in hamlet?


What continent is Copenhagen located on?


In which country is Copenhagen located?


Where is the Bella Center located?

The Bella Center is a Scandinavian conference center that is located in Copenhagen, Denmark. It's located in close proximity to the Copenhagen Airport.

What sea is the city of Copenhagen?

I assume you mean "what sea is it located by" as Copenhagen is the capital city of Denmark: Copenhagen is located by The Sound ("Øresund" in Danish) which is a strait between the Kattegat and the Baltic Sea

Where is the Tivoli Gardens located?

Copenhagen, Denmark

In which country is the Copenhagen Airport located?


Where is Hotel Jorgensen located?

In Copenhagen, Denmark.

In what direction is Gilleleje from Copenhagen?

Gilleleje is located north of Copenhagen, at the northern coast of the island Sealand.

Is Copenhagen located in the pacific?

No, Copenhagen is in Denmark, with the North Sea to the west and the Baltic Sea to the east.

In Which country is tivoli garden located?

Copenhagen, Denmark

In what city is Tivoli Gardens located?

Copenhagen, Denmark.

Hemispheres Copenhagen are located in?

Northern and Eastern hemispheres

Which country is tivoli garden located?


What city in Denmark is Tivoli Gardens located?


Where is Trinitatis Church located?

Trinitatis Church is located in central Copenhagen, Denmark.

Where is Denmark capital located?

Copenhagen is the capital and largest city of Denmark. Copenhagen is situated on the eastern coast of the island of Zealand.

Is Copenhagen located in Europe?

Yes. Northern europe. Denmark.

In what country is the city of Copenhague located?

Copenhagen is the capital city of Denmark. Copenhagen is the financial, political and cultural center of Denmark. It has a population of 3.2 million people. Copenhagen was founded in 1167.

What are the three cities located on the baltic sea?

Copenhagen. Stockholm and Kaliningrad

Where was the Copenhagen summit held?

The 2009 United Nations Climate Change Conference, commonly known as the Copenhagen Summit, was held at the Bella Center in Copenhagen, located on the island of Amager, Denmark. (Wikipedia)

Copenhagen hanscristian AndersensWhere is it little...?

The status 'The little mermaid' is located on the part of the Copenhagen habour which is just north of the center and called 'Langelinie'.