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Where is Copenhagen located?

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The capital of Denmark has these coordinates : 55° 40′ 34″ N, 12° 34′ 6″ E

It's bridging the eastern part of the big island of Zealand ('Sjælland' in Danish) and the Northern part of the small island Amager.

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A: The city of Copenhagen is located in Denmark.

Copenhagen is the capital of Denmark, located to the far east of the country.

I assume you mean "what sea is it located by" as Copenhagen is the capital city of Denmark: Copenhagen is located by The Sound ("Øresund" in Danish) which is a strait between the Kattegat and the Baltic Sea

Gilleleje is located north of Copenhagen, at the northern coast of the island Sealand.

No, Copenhagen is in Denmark, with the North Sea to the west and the Baltic Sea to the east.

In Copenhagen, Denmark.

Trinitatis Church is located in central Copenhagen, Denmark.

Northern and Eastern hemispheres

Copenhagen is the capital and largest city of Denmark. Copenhagen is situated on the eastern coast of the island of Zealand.

Copenhagen is the capital city of Denmark. Copenhagen is the financial, political and cultural center of Denmark. It has a population of 3.2 million people. Copenhagen was founded in 1167.

Yes. Northern europe. Denmark.

The 2009 United Nations Climate Change Conference, commonly known as the Copenhagen Summit, was held at the Bella Center in Copenhagen, located on the island of Amager, Denmark. (Wikipedia)

The status 'The little mermaid' is located on the part of the Copenhagen habour which is just north of the center and called 'Langelinie'.

Copenhagen. Stockholm and Kaliningrad

The Copenhagen Criteria.The Copenhagen Criteria.The Copenhagen Criteria.The Copenhagen Criteria.The Copenhagen Criteria.The Copenhagen Criteria.The Copenhagen Criteria.The Copenhagen Criteria.The Copenhagen Criteria.The Copenhagen Criteria.The Copenhagen Criteria.

The Duke of Wellington's horse was named "Copenhagen". There is a statue of the Duke of Wellington sitting atop Copenhagen located outside Apsley House in London (above the Arch at Constitution Hill).

There are quite a few actually. The little Mermaid - Well known from the famous fairytale located at Langelinje in Copenhagen Tivoli - Located in Copenhagen (amusementpark) H.C.Andersens home - The place the famous writer grew up - Located in Odense Amalienborg - Where our beloved queen lives - Located in Copenhagen Freetown Christania - This is the only freetown left from the 1670's hippie time. These are just a few :)

There are many such cities. Copenhagen for instance.

No river runs though Copenhagen. There used to be little streams/brooks e.g. Ladegårdsåen, which are now covered by paved streets. If you have seen water on Copenhagen pictures it must either be one of the canals or the harbour that runs between the two islands on which Copenhagen is located.

Tivoli Gardens is located in Denmark's capital city, Copenhagen.

Seeland, where the capitol (Copenhagen or "København") is also located.

Copenhagen is the capital of Denmark. You cannot say "a Copenhagen".

Copenhagen (located on the eastern coast of the Island Zealand) is facing a Strait called Øresund in Danish. The Øresund strait connected the Baltic sea to the South with Kattegat to the North.

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