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its beside south america.

***2nd answerer says: But it's a long swim, because it is 2,000 miles west of the country of Chile! :)

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What is the name of the Pacific Island named after the holiday on which it was discovered?

Easter Island.Easter IslandEaster Island. Also, Christmas Island is in the Indian Ocean.Easter Island.the answer is Easter IslandEaster Island. There is also Christmas Island, under Australia rule, in the Indian Ocean.

What island is more mysterious Christmas Island or Easter Island?

Easter island

Were does the Easter bunny live?

the Easter bunny lives on Easter island

Allies and enemies of Easter island .?

Who or what were the allies and enemies of Easter island/ Who or what were the allies and enemies of Easter island/

Why is the island Easter Island name Easter Island?

Because a Dutch explorer found it on Easter in 1722

What happen to the people of Easter Island?

The island of Easter Island gets its name as the people who discovered the island found it on a Easter Sunday. Now Easter island has no trees only big statues.

What is the pacific island named for the holiday on which it was discovered?

easter islandEaster island

How long is Easter island?

The length of Easter Island is 13.5km.

What country is Easter island in?

Easter Island is a part of Chile.

What country is Easter Island on?

Easter Island is a part of Chile.

What is the largest city on Easter Island?

There are no cities in Easter Island

Where is Easter island statues located?

They are located on Easter Island, in the southeastern Pacific Ocean. Easter Island is a property of Chile.

Where are the Easter Island heads located currently?

the coasts of Easter island

What is the longitude and latitude for Easter Island?

Easter Island: -27.105183, -109.349803

Easter Island is a teretory of what?

Easter island Ha i don't know

Is Easter Island acountry or state?

Easter Island is a territory of Chile.

Easter Island is a dependency of what contry?

Easter Island is a dependency of Chile.

How many people are their on Easter Island?

there are about 3500 people on Easter Island

Easter Island is territory of which country?

Easter island is part of Chile

How many volcanos are on Easter Island?

There are three volcanoes on Easter Island

What is the sone called on Easter Island?

It is called Easter island because a man arrived there on Easter day

Where does the Easter bunny live in Easter Island?

It does not live there, it comes from Alsace

Why is Easter Island Called Easter Island?

A Dutch explorer, Jacob Roggeveen, found it on Easter Sunday 1722.

What country possesses Easter Island?

Easter Island is a province and possession of Chile.

What are unusual or interesting artifacts found on Easter Island?

easter island heads

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