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1. Egypt is a country in northern Africa, extending south from the Mediterranean Sea. Its capital city, Cairo, is near 30N latitude, 31E longitude.

2. It is one of the oldest civilizations in the world, having developed along the Nile River, which flows northward through the center of the country, reaching the Mediterranean Sea. Egypt is located in northeast Africa.

3. Egypt is bordered to the north by the Mediterranean Sea, to the south by Sudan, to the west by Libya and to the east (in the Sinai) by Israel and the Red Sea.

4. Egypt is the location of the Great Pyramid (and two others nearby) and the Sphinx. Egypt is located in northeast Africa. It covers 386,650 square miles. It is bordered on the west by Libya, on the south by Sudan, and on the east by Israel.
Egypt is on the north-east corner of Africa, bounded by the Mediterranean Sea to the north.

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Where is the pyramids of Egypt located at in Egypt?

the pyramids are located in Giza, Egypt

Where was Egypt located?


Lower Egypt is located in what part of Egypt?

Lower Egypt was located on the top of Egypt. (Up the nile river)

Is dendra located in lower Egypt?

no it is located in upper Egypt

What types of landforms are located in Egypt?

the sphinxs is located in egypt

Where was ancient Egypt located?

Ancient Egypt was located in Egypt which right top corner of Africa!

Where in Egypt are the Egyptians located?

Egyptians are the people of Egypt so they are located all around Egypt.

What hemispheres is Egypt located in?

Egypt is located in the Northern and Eastern Hemispheres.

What part of Africa was Egypt located in?

egypt was located in the northeast of africa

What is the kingdom located in the north of Egypt?

what is the kingdom located in the north of egypt

Where was the civilization of Egypt located?


Why was Egypt located where it is?

Egypt is in Africa

Where is Thebes Egypt located?


Is the City of Cairo Egypt located in Upper or Lower Egypt?

Cairo is Located in the Upper part of Egypt.

Where were most pyramids located in Egypt?

most pyramids in Egypt were located by the river

Where is Queen Hatshepsuts temple located in Egypt?

Her temple is located in Thebes, Egypt

Where is the Land Of The Dead in Egypt located?

The land of the dead was located in northern egypt.

What countries is the Libyan Desert located besides Egypt?

It is located in Egypt and Libya.

What continetis Egypt located?

The majority of Egypt is located in North-East Africa.

Where is the great pyrimid of Egypt located?


What contenent is Egypt located in?

Egypt is in Africa

Is the Nubian Desert located in Egypt?

Yes the Nubian desert is located in Southern Egypt

On which continent is Cairo Egypt located?

Cairo is located in the country of Egypt on the continent of Africa.

What to contentients is Egypt located between?

Egypt is both located between Africa and Asia.

Where was lower Egypt located?

lower Egypt is located in the northern region,down river.

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