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Gibraltar is a British colony, an overseas territory of the UK. It's a tiny area, less than six square kilometers (2.2 sq miles). The Rock of Gibraltar itself looks over the area, standing nearly 430 meters (1,400 feet) high. Gibraltar's location is important. It stands at the mouth of the Mediterranean, at the bottom of the Iberian peninsula, and only 20km (12 miles) from the north coast of Africa. It has a NATO base, including a port and airstrip. Tourists enjoy the cheap alcohol and tobacco available because of the Rock's tax-free status. And of course there are the famous apes. They were brought over from North Africa by British soldiers, and now roam freely on the Rock.
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What is the entrance to the Mediterranean sea?

The Strait of Gibraltar.The Strait of Gibraltar.The Strait of Gibraltar.The Strait of Gibraltar.The Strait of Gibraltar.The Strait of Gibraltar.

What is the main landmark in Gibraltar?

The main landmark in Gibraltar is the Rock of Gibraltar.

What is rock of Gibraltar and were is located?

the rock of Gibraltar is a rock in Gibraltar

What is the capital Gibraltar?


Capital of Gibraltar?

Gibraltar IS the capital.

What are the characteristics of Gibraltar?

characteristics of gibraltar

What is the capital of Gibraltar?

The capital of Gibraltar is also Gibraltar

What continent is Gibraltar in?

Gibraltar is located in Europe.

Which is the highest point of Gibraltar?

Rock Gibraltar

How deep is the straits of Gibraltar?

How deep is gibraltar

What is the demonym of Gibraltar?

Gibraltarian is the demonym of Gibraltar.

What continet is Gibraltar?

Gibraltar is a British territory in Europe.

What country controls Gibraltar?

Gibraltar is a British possession.

What continent is Gibraltar?

Gibraltar is part of the European continent

What boundary does Gibraltar have?

Gibraltar has a land border with Spain.

Are there any HSBC banks in Gibraltar?

Are there HSBC in Gibraltar

What is the legislative council of Gibraltar?

The legislature of the British overseas territory of Gibraltar is the Gibraltar Parliament, which consists of 17 members.

Does gibraltar belong to Spain?

yes ,Gibraltar does belong to spain

What is the Rock Gibraltar symbol of?

The Rock Gibraltar is a symbol of impregnability.

What foreign capital cities end in tar?

Gibraltar, Gibraltar.

Is Gibraltar a country?

Gibraltar is a Crown Colony of Great Britain.

What is the latitude of Gibraltar?

Latitude of Gibraltar: 36°8′N

How do you say strait of Gibraltar in spanish?

Estrecho de Gibraltar

What is the rock of Gibraltar made out of?

The Rock of Gibraltar is made of limestone.

How do you spell Gibraltar in french?

Gibraltar is spelled the same in French.