Where is Greater Syria?

Well, Greater Syria was formed back in the days by an alliance that shocked the middle east people(especially the Saudi Arabians) It was a huge alliance between the Christians and Muslims and eventually the druze. Its like the American Policy of Equal right and freedoms but the Greater Syrian people mostly paid attention on the freedom of religion. The greater syrians were the first people to put away there differences and help each other and because it was located in the middle east it was seen as a religious Traitors act especially to the Sunni Muslims of Saudi. But the Greater Syrians didnt really pay attention and formed an independent nation call the greater Syria or the Middle eastern Empire of Syria. the alliance was usually between Muslims and Christians but there were other groups like the Persians, Turks, Druze, and Armenians. The greater Syria is todays Modern Syria which borders Israel, Lebanon, Jordan, and Iraq. The Syrians wanted more land so they expanded to what we call today Lebanon, Jordan, Palestine(Or Israel) controlling them completely. Today the Syrians(modern day Syrians) want the land that there ancestors invaded(Palestine, Lebanon, Jordan) so they set up a plan call the greater syria plan which says to form there original nation
The syrian invaded Lebanon in there first attempt to join it back they succeeded for 30 years and then they retreated because of some problems. However, they have been very successful on taking some Israeli land and joining it to theres.
They usually use the people's choice, for example the Muslim Palestine's don't want to be syrians they just want palestine as a free nation but the Palestine Christians want to be syrians and some actually refuse to be called Israeli or Palestine they want to be called Syrians. The same thing for Jordan but Lebanon doesnt want to be part of syria at all.