Where is Haiti located?

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HaitiThe Republic of Haiti is located in the Caribbean basin (which, geographically, is part of North America), in the western one-third of the island of Hispaniola, between the Caribbean Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean. The Caribbean basin is near to Central America (East side).

Hispaniola is the second-largest island in the Greater Antilles (one of the 3 island groups in the Caribbean - it comprises Cuba, Jamaica, Hispaniola and Puerto Rico). It is situated to the west of the Dominican Republic.

Jamaica lies to the west and Cuba to the northwest of Haiti. The offshore islands of Tortuga and Gonâve also belong to Haiti.

To see a map that clearly illustrates the location of Haiti, click on the Related Question below.

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Q: Where is Haiti located?
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What sea is haiti located on?

Haiti is located on The Caribbean Sea.

On what island is Haiti located?

Haiti is located on the island of Hispaniola.

Is Haiti located in south America?

No, Haiti is located right below cuba in the carribean.

Where is Chile compared with Haiti?

Chile is located in South America on the Pacific coast while Haiti is located on the Caribbean island of Hispaniola in North America. Chile is located to the southwest of Haiti.

Haiti is on what island?

Haiti is located on the island of Hispaniola.

Where is Haiti on the map?

haiti is located in the Caribbean sea

Is Haiti found in Asia?

No. Haiti is not located in Asia.

What types of insects are located in haiti?

Insects in haiti

Haiti and Dominican Republic are located on the island of what?

The island on which Haiti and the Dominican Republic are located is known as Hispaniola.

What continent is Haiti in?

Haiti is located at the south of north America

Haiti Cuba are located where?

Haiti and Cuba are located along the northern Caribbean Sea, south and southeast of Florida.

What country is located west of Haiti?

Jamaica is locaated to the west of haiti and Cuba is to the north west of haiti

Is haiti located in the Dominican Republic?

No, Haiti is it's own country. Haiti is located on the island called Hispaniola. The Dominican Republic, a separate country, is the other occupant of the island.

Is haiti in south west Asia?

No, Haiti is located near Cuba.

Where is Hatiti located?

Haiti is located in the carribean.

What side of the world is haiti on?

Haiti is located in the Western Hemisphere in the Gulf of Mexico.

What continent is Haiti located?

It is located in south america

What hemisphere is Haiti located?

It is located in the Southern Hemisphere

Which continent is haiti located?

It is located in central America

Was labadee Haiti affected by quake?

No, labadee is located in north of Haiti so it was not affected

Is haiti in the Middle East?

No. Haiti is not in the Middle East, it is located in the Caribbean (North America)

Is Haiti in west India?

No. Haiti is located in the Caribbean, also called the 'West Indies' .

Is haiti located in North America?

No, Haiti is an island off the coast of South America.

Is Haiti in Latin America or the Caribbean?

Haiti is located in Latin America. I hope this helps.

Show you a map of haiti that is labeled?

Kindly show me a map where haiti si located.

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