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What was Henry hudsons main goal?

henry hudsons main goal was to find the northwest passage

What are the obstacles of Henry Hudson?

what is Henry hudsons obslacles

Where was Henry Hudson's point of departure?

where was henry hudsons point of departure

What was Henry hudsons acomplushment?

what was henry Hudson's accomplishment

How long was Henry hudsons total voyage?

Henery hudsons 2nd voyage was one year long!

Henry hudsons date of birth?

Henry Hudson was born on September 26,1565

What were the conditions of Henry Hudson expedition?

What was the sailors conditions of Henry hudsons expedition

What was Henry Hudson's religon?

Henry hudsons religon was jewish and he hated natsis

Who was Oliver Hudson?

Henry hudsons son and also Katherine hudsons and also a brother to two, john and oliver.

What was henry hudsons motivation?

To find the northwest passage.

What are Henry Hudsons inventions?

He is known as an explorer not an inventor.

Who was Henry hudsons parents?

His parents names are unknown.

What was Henry hudsons middle name?

he does not have a middle name

How many people were on henry hudsons ship?

how many people were on Henry Hudson ship

What was one of Henry hudsons motivations?

One of Henry Hudson's motives was gold and silver.

Who funded Henry Hudsons first voyage?

who funded Henry Hudson's third voyage

Did Henry hudsons son john go missing?

no, he died along with Henry hudson

What was Henry hudsons destination?

The northwest passage and the new world

What were Henry hudsons goals?

he wanted o give his kids answer

What is Henry hudsons sons name?

Richard, John, and Oliver

Who paid for Henry Hudsons trip?

England merchants paid for it.

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