Where is Jainism practiced?

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It is mostly practiced in India

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Q: Where is Jainism practiced?
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Related questions

Where is Jainism?

It is mostly practiced in India

Where do jainism practice now?

jainism is practiced by the all the jain followers across the world

In what countries is Jainism practiced today?

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Where is jainism praticed?

Jainism is practiced all over the world, however, most of its followers reside in India

How many people follow the religion jainism?

Jainism is a religion practiced primarily in the country of India. There are about 3 million people wo follow the religion Jainism.

Where was and is Jainism practiced?

Apart from India, historians have found evidences of Jainism traditionally being practiced as far west as Middle East and north in Turkmenistan. The decline of Jainism came with Islamic conquests and conversions. At present the only followers left are Indians.

Where did jainism spread?

Though Jainism is practiced all over the world, it is mostly confined to the Indian subcontinent due to a variety of reasons.

Is jainism still practiced today?

Yes, It is still practiced. Majority of followers are in India. But other countries(Including USA) also have Jains.

In which coutries is Jainism practiced?

Its is mostly practiced in India only it's not all that well-known religion around the world but it is well-known in India.

In which countries is Jainism practiced?

Of course India..... after that it is now slowly spreading all over the world.....

Does Jainism permit same-sex marriage?

Jainism has opposed homosexuality as bringing negative Karma because extramarital sex is considered unethical. Jainism is mainly practiced in India where same-sex marriage is not permitted. Whether the prohibition is religious or cultural is open to debate.

Which riligions are practiced in India?

Hinduism followed by Islam, Buddhism, Sikhism, Christianity, Jainism, Zorastism, , Bahaism and tribal nature worships

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