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somewhere in there

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Q: Where is Jesus mentioned about his return in Koran?
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Is Jesus mention in the Koran?

Yes He is Jesus is recognised as an important prophet in the Koran.

Is Moses in the Koran?

yes, he is mentioned in it

Is eagle mentioned in the Koran?

No, this is just another hoax. Nowhere in the Koran does the word "eagle" appear.

Does the koran mention Jesus?

the quran does meantion jesus as Isa.

What cultures do not believe in Jesus?

You need to be clearer about what you mean by 'believe in'. Muslims have immense respect for Jesus as a prophet, and Jesus is mentioned in the Koran. So does this mean they 'believe' in him? They do as a prophet, yes. But they do not believe in the deity of Christ as do most Christians.

How many times is Mohamed mentioned in the Koran?


Does Jesus speak of homosexuality?

No, Jesus never mentioned this topic.No, Jesus never mentioned this topic.

Does Islam denounce Jesus and teach that Muhammad is the Messiah?

No, it does not. The Koran contains several passages about Jesus, and it teaches that Jesus was a prophet. The Christian concept of messiah is not contained in the Koran and is not taught in Islam. The Koran also teaches that Muhammad is the greatest prophet, but not the messiah in the Christian sense.

Did Muhammad meet Jesus?

According to both the Bible and Koran, no.

How many times is the word enjoy mentioned in the Koran?

999,000 times a minute

How many verses are there about Prophet Muhammad in the koran?

He is mentioned by name four times.

What role does Jesus play in the Qur'an?

According to the Koran Jesus is considered a prophet only, and he did not die on the cross.

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