Where is Kuwait airways office in Kuwait?

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There is more than 1 Kuwait airways office in Kuwait, there is one in rawda next to the super market!
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What is the address of jazeera airways in Kuwait?

Their 24 hours office is located at Kuwait International Airport on the Departures building/floor.. When you enter the main door for the Departures building/floor- Walk to yo

Airfare from Kuwait to trivandrum with Kuwait airways?

Firstly, the fare is not fixed at all seasons. In peak season the price of return ticket KWI-TRV-KWI may go as high as 140-150 KD (23000 Indian Rupees. Approximately), If y

Arrival of Kuwait airways to Kuwait from Mumbai?

Firstly, arrival time is not same for all the days of the year. currently KAC is landing Kuwait from Mumbai at 07:50 A.M until 30/07/2010. For accurate and updated time

Confirmation of flight in Kuwait airways manila Kuwait?

Contact the airline. i want to confirm my flight on feb.4 2011... GUEVARRA/RODEL MR. issuing airlines :kuwait airways ticket # :ETKT 229 1674008969 KU 412 H 04FEB 5 MNLKWI

What is gp ticket in Kuwait airways?

GP( Government Project) letter is a letter issued by airlines along with the airline ticket to travel to their nation while exiting from Kuwait from a Government Project. It i

Why does a place like Kuwait need an airline such as Kuwait airways?

The airline may not necessarily operate inside the country, even Singapore; that is much smaller compared to Kuwait; has a fleet of aircrafts . Even though many airlines opera