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What were the names of Jesse James' children?

Jesse's children were Jesse Edward James and Mary [James] Barr.

When was Mary Barr Clay born?

Mary Barr Clay was born in 1839.

When did Mary Barr Clay die?

Mary Barr Clay died in 1924.

What has the author F Mary Barr written?

F. Mary Barr has written: 'Bapu; conversations & correspondence with Mahatma Gandhi' 'Bapu'

Susan is six years older than Mary Susan is also twice as old as Mary was when Susan was as old as Mary is now How old is each now?

Susan is 18 and Mary is 12.

The names of Susan boyle's siblings?

Mary, Bridie, John, Gerry. James and Kathryn are deceased.

When did Susan Mary Auld die?

Susan Mary Auld died in 2002.

What has the author Mary Barr Sisson written?

Mary Barr Sisson has written: 'The gathering storm' -- subject(s): History, Juvenile literature, African Americans, Slavery

Where was Mary queen of Scots buried?

Mary was buried in peterborough cathedral but was moved to westminster abbey in 1612 by her son James I to lay next to her rival and executioner Elizabeth I, Queen of England. Actually, Mary, Queen of Scots, has her own tomb and Elizabeth I is buried next to her half-sister, Mary I, daughter of Henry VIII and Katherine of Aragon.She currently lies buried under an elaborate monument in Westminster Abbey, in London. Her son, King James I was responsible for her reburial in the British Royal tomb-church. She is the fifth sovereign queen interred in the Abbey, the others being Mary I (Bloody Mary) Elizabeth I, Mary II, and Anne. Victoria is buried in Windsor complex in the Frogmore Mausoleum, NOT at Westminster.

Who is better Susan or Mary Test?

i think Mary is better than Susan because she looks better than Susan, never gets kidnapped and i think Gil would marry Mary than Susan

Did Mary Kingsley get buried at sea?

Yes, Mary Kingsley got buried at sea. It was one of her wishes.

Is my name Susan or Mary?

Tricky... I'm going for Susan

Where is Mary Ingalls buried?

Mary died on 17 Oct 1928. She was buried in De Smet cemetary, South Dakota, where her parents also are buried.

Was Bloody Mary buried alive?

No, she wasn't buried alive.

Where are Mary Tudors still born children buried?

Mary Tudors still born children were buried in the garden of her castle. They were also buried in a line. Which leads to the nursery rhyme Mary, Mary quite contrary, this song is all about Mary Tudor. The line ' and pretty maids all in a row' is about her children buried in a row.

How old is Jonny tests sister Susan and Mary?

Susan and Mary test are both 13 years old!

What is the birth name of Susan Odin?

Susan Odin's birth name is Odin, Susan Mary.

What is the birth name of Susan Bradshaw?

Susan Bradshaw's birth name is Susan Mary Bradshaw.

Where is Mary queen of Scots buried?

Currently- In Westminster Abbey. this was not, of course, her initial burial site.Originally, Mary was buried in Peterborough Cathedral in 1588, but her body was moved in 1612, on the orders of her son James I, King of England, and she was reinterred in Westminster Abbey, London.

Where is Mary buried?

She was buried in a tomb in the place near Mount of Olives.

Where was Mary mcleod bethune buried?

Mary McLeod Bethune was buried on campus of the Bethune-Cookman college

What has the author Susan Mary Keppel Townley written?

Susan Mary Keppel Townley has written: ''Indiscretions' of Lady Susan (1922)' 'Indiscretions of Lady Susan' -- subject(s): Accessible book, Courts and courtiers

What has the author Mary Susan Goode written?

Mary Susan Goode has written: 'A Personal analysis of my work' -- subject(s): Painting

What has the author Susan Mary Grace Reynolds written?

Susan Mary Grace Reynolds has written: 'The rulers of London in the twelfth century'

Where was Mary Cassatt buried?

The artist Mary Cassatt was buried in 1926 at Le Mesnil Theribus Cimetière in Picardie Region, France.

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