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Mohenjo-daro is located in present day Pakistan and northwestern India.

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Were is mohenjodaro located?

It was located in the Indus River

On what major river system was the city of Mohenjodaro located?

The Indus River.

Where Mohanjodaro located in India?

mohenjodaro is presently in Punjab province of pakisthan

Where were the first Indian civilizations located?

The Indus Valley Civilization: Harappa, Mohenjodaro

What is meaning of sindhi language word Mohenjodaro in urdu language?


What is the definition of mohenjodaro?

Mohenjodaro is the city which flourished during 2,500-1,500 BCE.

What is the cvilization of crops in mohenjodaro?

it is maze

What is the synonym used for mohenjodaro?

Mound of the Dead.

The great bath was excavated in the great city of?


What are the materials used?

to built great bath , mohenjodaro

What are the features of Indus Valley pottery?

harappa and mohenjodaro

What proof is there that Mohenjodaro was destroyed by nuclear weapon?


Where was indus valley civilization first discovered?

Harappa and Mohenjodaro

In what part of Indian subcontinent was mohenjodaro?

I think it wuz northwest

What do these seals reveal about mohenjodaro?

The type of animal people saw

How did modern scholars learn that Mohenjodaro had ever existed?


What are the uses of artifacts found from mohenjodaro and harrapa?

its the social oppinionn structurewe

Why are necklaces important in mohenjodaro?

Because they belive jewerly is very important to them

What type of dress did mohenjodaro people wear?

pta nhi google

What does the world Mohenjodaro means?

Mound of the Dead is the meaning of Mohanjo-daro.

What is the one thing Harappa and Mohenjodaro were not known for?

Great walls and fortresses

Mention the two great cities of Indus valley civilization?

harappa and mohenjodaro

What were some of the first cities and civilizations?

Mohenjodaro, Harappa in India, now in Pakistan

What were the two places which shows the remains of the Indus valley civilisation?

Harappa and Mohenjodaro

What was one of the great cities of harappan civilization?

Mohenjodaro was one of the great Harappan cities.

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