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Where is Ontario?

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In Canada, bordered by the United States, as well as the provinces of Quebec and Manitoba.
Eastern Canada

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What is the name of the Canadian city on lake Ontario?

There are many Canadian cities on Lake Ontario. The major ones are Toronto and Hamilton, but here is a complete list:Ajax, OntarioBelleville, OntarioBurlington, OntarioHamilton, OntarioKingston, OntarioMississauga, OntarioOakville, OntarioOshawa, OntarioPickering, OntarioSt. Catharines, OntarioToronto, OntarioWhitby, Ontario

How many US states have cities named Ontario?

Ontario, CaliforniaOntario, IllinoisOntario, IndianaOntario, IowaOntario, New YorkOntario, OhioOntario, OregonOntario, PennsylvaniaOntario, VirginiaOntario, WisconsinThere is also an Ontarioville in Illinois as well.

Who decided to call Ontario Ontario?

The Province of Ontario was named after Lake Ontario.

What are the three regions of Ontario?

There are actually four geographical regions in Ontario: the Canadian Shield, Northern Ontario, Northwestern Ontarioand Northeastern Ontario.

What are facts about lake Ontario?

lake ontario is located in ontario

How did Ontario get its name?

The Province of Ontario was named after Lake Ontario.

How many regions in Ontario?

Northern Ontario and Southern Ontario.

How many days to drive from Ontario to Arizona?

Which Ontario? Ontario, Oregon, Ontario, Canada, Ontario, California? Please be more specific, there are a lot of Ontarios.

What Trans - Canada highway connects Ottawa Ontario with Perth Ontario?

Ontario Highway 7 connects Ottawa, Ontario with Perth, Ontario.

What Trans - Canada highway connects Ottawa Ontario with Petawawa Ontario?

Ontario Highway 417 connects Ottawa, Ontario with Petawawa, Ontario.

What are the names of the provincial parties in Ontario?

Provincial political parties that are recognized by Elections Ontario are:Communist Party of OntarioFamily Coalition Party of OntarioFreedom Party of OntarioGreen Party of OntarioNew Democratic Party of OntarioNorthern Ontario Heritage PartyOntario Liberal PartyOntario Libertarian PartyOntario Provincial Confederation of Regions PartyParty for People with Special NeedsPeople First Republic of OntarioProgressive Conservative Party of OntarioReform Party of OntarioParty names in italics hold seats in the Legislative Assembly of Ontario.Party names in bold form Her Majesty's Government of Ontario.

What province is Ontario in?

Ontario is a province of Canada, so there is no province in Ontario

How many cities are named Ontario?

Ontario, CA, Ontario OR

What is the distance between Toronto Ontario and London Ontario?

There are about 120 miles between Toronto Ontario and London Ontario.

What is the name of the territorial representative of Ontario?

Ontario is not a territory. Ontario is a province. The current premier of Ontario is Dalton McGuinty.

Where did Ontario get it name?

Ontario got it's name from Lake Ontario . Did you know Ontario borders 4 out of 5 lakes? Inculding Lake Ontario funny right

What Trans - Canada highway connects Terrace Bay Ontario with Wawa Ontario?

Ontario Highway 17 connects Terrace Bay, Ontario with Wawa, Ontario.

Where was the first Wrong Turn filmed?

Dundas Ontario, Hamilton Ontario, Toronto Ontario and Uxbridge Ontario all of which are in Canada

What is the mileage from Killaloe Ontario to Ottawa Ontario?

The distance between Killaloe,Ontario and Ottawa,Ontario is approximately 168 kilometers

How many km between norwood Ontario and havelock Ontario?

There are about 45 kilometers between Norwood Ontario and Havelock Ontario

What is the biggest province in Ontario?

Ontario is a province, but the province with the largest population is Ontario

What is the Distance from Dryden Ontario to Ottawa?

What is the distance from Dryden Ontario to Ottawa Ontario?

What is the motto of Ontario Place?

Ontario Place's motto is 'Experience... Ontario Place'.

What is the Ontario abbreviation?

The abbreviation for Ontario is 'ON'.

Does Ontario have a desert?

There are no deserts in Ontario.