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Where is Patrick McNeil Prior Marine From Camp Pendleton LAV BN Doc wants to know?

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do you have a description or middle name? age? that's a common name

2008-09-30 19:17:21
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Before Curtis Martin led the NFL in rushing in 2004 who was the prior Jet to do so?

Freeman McNeil in 1982.

Why is polyurethane separating from table after sanding off marine spar varnish?

Polyurethane will not stick to a Marine Spar finish if the surface was not clean or dulled prior to applying the polyurethane.

How many medals for cycling has Victoria pendleton won?

Prior to the 2012 Games in London, Victoria Pendleton of Great Britain has won 1 Olympic medal ... a gold in women's sprint at the 2008 Games in Beijing. She set an Olympic record with a time of 10.963 seconds during the 2008 Games.

Can a Marine who has a civil court date receive non judicial punishment from the Marine Corps prior to appearing in civil court?

Yes. Action under the UCMJ is separate from action in a civilian court.

Can you break a Marine Corps contract?

It is not likely that you can break it. There are conditions where you might be able to void it prior to attending training. In most cases, if the contract is broken it is because the Marine Corps no longer desires your services.

Who brought religion to Ireland?

Christianity is said to have been brought to Ireland by St. Patrick. Prior to that people were pagan and druids were important.

Is there a prior service ribbon I was in the army and I'm now going into the Marine Corps. What ribbons can I take with me?

Yes, there is prior service ribbon. You should talk to someone in admin to see what you can/can't wear from your Army service.

Can you switch from the air force to the marine corps?

It is my experience that one cannot change from one service to another without first completing the contract for the service in which one is currently serving. Too, if one desires to be a Marine he/she must go through Marine bootcamp regardless of prior service. In fairness, I must add, my Marine Corps experience was more than 35 years ago.

What are the grounds for the dismissal of an Administrative separation in the Marine Corps?

One incident especially in basic training would be DRUG use even prior to entering!

Can you buy out your Marine Corps contract?

No, buying out contracts has not been an option for several hundred years. There are conditions where you might be able to void it prior to attending training. In most cases, if the contract is broken it is because the Marine Corps no longer desires your services.

In what year was the rank of Lance Corpral established in the Marine Corps?

•Served in the Marine Corps in the 1930's but became redundant when PFC was established in 1917. Fell out of usage prior to World War II. Permanently reestablished in the sweeping rank restructuring in 1958.

Can you switch to the Marines with prior service?

You can enlist in the Marine Corps. You may be given some credit toward promotions. Time served will be the total of all service time.

What does it mean to become a prior service marine?

to become a prior service marine means that you must have an honorable discharge or have served your time fully, now one thing is, you DONT want to get a dishonorable discharge because then that mean that you have screwed your country over big time. and by doing this, it means that any job you will get will not be the job you want because you have really screwed up and that means that not many people will want to higher you.

Do they make an electric fireplace for house boats?

Yes, they make electric fireplaces for houseboats. If you plan on installing one, you will need to have it inspected by a qualified marine inspector prior to using it.

Do the marine corp combat aircrew wings transfer to the army?

I serve in an Army National Guard unit. There we have a prior service airman who wears his air force combat aircrew wings. He says it's authorized. Not sure his source. Myself, I am prior Marine Av Ord and I wear my aircrew wings sometimes. I am a former Marine with Combat Aircrew Wings now serving in the SC National Guard. I contacted HRC at Ft Knox and its simple. Have your unit S-1 update your MRB with your Marine info and as long as you have the orders it's authorized. If worn on the ACU's they must be blacked out per the 670-1. On the Servive and Dress uniforms they can be worn as is.

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What was the only native animal prior to the human occupation of New Zealand?

There are a number of animals that were native to New Zealand prior to the arrival of humans. While bats and marine animals are the only mammals, there were many insects, frogs and lizards, and birds that were native. Fish can also be included in that list.

What has the author William B Stickle written?

William B. Stickle has written: 'Effects of simultaneous exposure to petroleum hydrocarbons, hypoxia, and prior exposure on the tolerance and sublethal responses of marine animals' -- subject(s): Callinectes, Effect of water quality on, Hypoxia (Water), Killifishes, Marine animals

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Prior to.

What forces gave rise to mercantilism in western Europe?

shortly are:development of marine technology,geographical discoveries,prior accumation of capital,rise of state in Europe which facilitated the European merchants,

Who can become the Commandant of the Marine Corps?

Any General Officer (as of Oct 19th 1922; Prior to that, lieutenant colonels and colonels were able to be elected) who has 30 years of honorable service in the Marine Corps, and has a letter of recommendation from any current congressional member. That letter is taken up with the other candidates to be screened for who out of all of them is the most suitable on paper to lead the marine corps. The final word is given by the commander in chief.

Which marine corps units received the Presidential Unit citation in world war 2?

Use any search engine you prefer and search for NAVMC 2922. This is dated 21Apr2000 and will provide you with a lilsting of all unit awards that have been presented to Marine Corps units since the beginning of WW2. This only lists unts awards issued to USMC units prior to 15Jan2000. After this date awards are maintained on a separate location. Lynn R Rutt, Former Marine 0311 & 5811, 1993-2003, Marine TWS Member

What did marine fossils discovered on top of mountains in Canada tell scientist about the place where rocks originated?

It shows that prior to the Rocky Mountains forming the stone that they're made from was part of an ancient sea or ocean floor

What was the only native mammal prior to the human occupation of New Zealand?

Two species of bat are the only native land mammals in New Zealand. There is a number of species of marine mammals such as seals, dolphin, etc.

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The Latin for first is primus or prior.The Latin for first is primus or prior.The Latin for first is primus or prior.The Latin for first is primus or prior.The Latin for first is primus or prior.The Latin for first is primus or prior.The Latin for first is primus or prior.The Latin for first is primus or prior.The Latin for first is primus or prior.