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In Peru
The Republic of Peru is a country which is located in South America.

It shares its border with Ecuador and Colombia on the north, on the east with Brazil, on the south with Chile, on the southeast with Bolivia and on the west with the Pacific Ocean.

According to the CIA World Factbook, the geographical coordinates of Peru is 10 00 S, 76 00 W.

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Peru is located in northwestern South America. can you clarify what you are asking?
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Why is Peru Illinois named Peru?

The Origin of the Peru, IL was the founding fathers admired theindustrious nature of the inhabitants of Peru. An early act of thelegislature set aside Section Sixteen in every township for schoolpurposes. Therefore, when more settlers came to Peru in 1834, theSchool Commissioners laid out and sold t ( Full Answer )

Where is Peru located?

In South America on the West coast south of Ecuador, West of Brazil and Bolivia.

What is in Peru?

Peru is a country off the central pacific coast of south america.It is in the southern hemisphere.

How big is Peru?

Peru has an area of 1,285,216 square kilometers. For size comparisons, see the related link below.

What is Peru?

Peru is the Republic of Peru is a country in western South America.It is bordered on the north by Ecuador and Colombia, on the east byBrazil, on the southeast by Bolivia, on the south by Chile, and onthe west by the Pacific Ocean. Peruvian territory was home to theNorte Chico civilization, one of th ( Full Answer )

What is Peru famous for?

Machu Picchu Peru also shares the Amazon Rainforest, Andes Mountains, and is the source of the Amazon River.

What is the history of Peru?

Not too much is known about the ancient civilisations of Peru and new research, especially in archaeology, is shedding new light on the cultures there increasingly. For example a recent find of a king known as 'the Lord of Ucupe', has led archaeologists to believe there was a far more complex polit ( Full Answer )

What are facts about Peru?

it has more than 800 types of corn and it is located in Latin America . Peru is classified as a 'developing country'. About 40% of thepopulation live in poverty. . The official (and most spoken) language in Peru is Spanish.Many Peruvians speak native languages. . Voting in elections is compulsor ( Full Answer )

How did Peru get its name?

They named Peru after the local ruler from Panama named Biru. . Francisco Pizarro, the conqueror of Peru , was the first Spaniard to explore south in "the new world". In 1522 upon entering the area named it, Birú after a local ruler who lived off the coast of Panama.

What mountains are in Peru?

The mountains in Peru are the Andes Mountains. This mountain rangeis around 7,000 km long. The Andes Mountains are also in Venezuela,Bolivia, Ecuador, Chile, Colombia, and Argentina.

What continent is Peru?

While the question is not correctly formed - the answer is that Peru is located in South America.

Why is Peru named Peru?

It is very possible that the word Peru was chosen by the Spanishexplorers to designate the southern part of their possessions inAmerica. The word sounded very similar to Biru, which was the nameof a former ruler in the area.

What do they eat in Peru?

Peru is famous throughout South America for its food. As a major fishing nation, fish is abundant, and prepared with imagination. The primary ingredients found in nearly every Peruvian dish are rice, potatoes, chichen, pork, lamb, and fish. Most of these meals include one of the different kinds of ( Full Answer )

What are the animals in Peru?

Peru has several animals species that live there. These animalsinclude jaguars, spectacled bears, yellow tailed wooly monkey,owlets, and toucans.

Where in the world is Peru?

A country in western South America. Peru bordered on the north byEcuador and Colombia, on the east by Brazil, on the southeast byBolivia, on the south by Chile, and on the west by the PacificOcean.

How did Peru get its freedom?

The Peruvian War of Independence was initiated by the rebellion ofthe great indigenous leader Tupac Amaru II against the royalistsfrom 1780 to 1781. Peru's freedom was finally attained after abouta decade long struggle that lasted from 1811 to July 28, 1821 untilJosé de San Martín proc ( Full Answer )

What traditions are the in Peru?

One of the traditions in Peru is to honor Saints with festivals.Dance is another popular tradition in Peru. There are manydifferent dances that are traditionally done in Peru.

What animals do they have in Peru?

Peru animals are as diverse as the geography of Peru. Peru animals range from Pacific Ocean fish, to piranha in the Amazon River. Peru contains tens of thousands of different species of fish, birds, and other monkeys. Peru animals are generally divided into three different zones, based on their geog ( Full Answer )

What does Peru export?

Peru exports very few things! But a couple of those are bat guano (manure), asparagus, and a fruit called Lucuma.

What deserts are in Peru?

There are two deserts in Peru. One is the Atacama Desert and the other is the Sechura Desert. Both are considered to be cool coastal deserts.

Is Peru in Brazil?

No, it isn't, Brazil is a different country alltogether to Peru. But both are in South America, and Peru has a border to Brazil.

What are the industries of Peru?

Peru has many industries. However their main industry is tourism having some of the best offer from many different geological zones. The beaches of Mancora, world famous Macchu Piccu, there is also a amazon section, the lines of Nazca, Beautiful Lakes. But apart from this they generally export raw ( Full Answer )

What info is there about Peru?

it depends what your after but this link might provide the info your looking for http://www.infoplease.com/ipa/A0107883.html

Who are the enemies of Peru?

hey may i please know who are the enemies of Peru. Please can you give me more than one? thanks alot!!

When was Peru colonized?

In 1531, the Spanish landed in Peru, and it became the prime territory of the Incas civilization. The Spanish gradually colonized all of Peru and received tributes from the Peruvian population.

Who is the founder of Peru?

the founder of Perus are. Manco Capac, Ayar Anca, Ayar Cachi, Ayar Uchu, and their four sisters. Mama Ocllo, Mama Huaco,. Mama Cura (or Ipacura), and Mama Raua.

What is the elevation of Peru?

Peru is a very large country with many different elevations. Lima the capital city is a coastal city with an elevation of 0-1,548 m (0-5,079 ft). The highest point in Peru is the Huascaran mountain at 6,768 metres (22,205 ft).

Why does Peru have earthquakes?

because there's two plates called "Nazco plate" and the "South American plate" tant the fault line of those plates are on peru...

What is Perus elevation?

Elevations is Peru range from 0 feet (0 meters) at the seacoast to 22,200 feet (6768 meters) at Nevado Huascaran.

What does Peru excel at?

Peru definitely excels at just being different. they arent very good in sports or the music industry but the people excel at being good parents.. hard workers ect.

What borders Peru?

Bolivia 1,075 km Brazil 2,995 km Chile 171 km Colombia 1,800 km Ecuador 1,420 km

What is Perus population?

As of 2012, the population of Peru is 29.99 million people. That puts Peru in between Colombia and Chile when it comes to population numbers.

Peru is known for?

Inca's Empire. Machu Picchu sacred Citadel in Cusco. Lima, the center of the Viceroyalty from Spain. Peruvian food, fusion of foreign and own flavors: peruvian-chinesse (chifa), peruvian-creole (african influence), andean, pre-inca food, peruvian-spanish, with somehow "moro" influence, and others ( Full Answer )

Is Peru a state?

The word "state" has two different meanings. The term "sovereign state" means a country or nation that is not part of another country. In the US, the word "state" means one of the 50 separate political entities that form the entire country as a federal (federated) republic. Peru is a separate count ( Full Answer )

Is Peru a Savannah?

if you are talking about Peru the country then no. It is considered a dessert

When was Peru established?

The Republic of Peru was founded on July 28, 1821. The capital ofPeru is Lima, and the motto of the country is 'Firm and Happy forthe Union.'

What is the status of Peru?

I believe the status of Peru is well.! they are doing well in money.. and the features are amazing! i stayed there for 2 months and loved it! the atmosqere was gr8! i lreally loved it!

What is selvas in Peru?

Selva in Peru means Jungle or tropical zone (rain forest). It's got a beautiful landscape, the Amazon river and a great variety of medicinal plants, interesting and exotic animals too. People is friendly and the food is delicious.

Does Peru have rivers?

Yes!! Peru has many rivers. Including the head waters of the Amazon, which starts in southern Peru near the Colca Canyon.

How do you say i am in Peru?

In Spanish, which is one language in Peru, the phrases are : I am (My Name is ___ ) -- Me llamo___ . I am (something you always are) -- Yo soy __ . I am (something you are right now, or doing right now) -- Yo estoy __. The pronoun Yo (I) is often omitted.

What can you smell in Peru?

From the lighter side: In Peru, it is often illegal to smell many things. Peruvians are very particular about who gets to smell what and will not allow anyone with suspicious motives smell certain things. It is often dangerous to attempt to smell something so if you are at all unsure, then consult ( Full Answer )

How did they find Peru?

They looked where it has been for millions of years and it was still there.

Was there a volcanoes in Peru?

nevado volcano in peru There are many volcanoes in Peru. The west of Peru lies on the Andes, which run along western South America. There are many volcanoes in the Andes, some of them (more than 15) in Peru.

Are there sharks in Peru?

Yes, but they are considered very rare. During years when the ocean temperature is warmer the sighting are more common.

How do you spell Peru in Peru?

If you are writing it in Spanish (the main language of Peru), you would write it with an accent on the last letter: Perú.

How did felines get to Peru?

Felines did not have to travel to Peru, as when the continents were all joined some animals stayed in particular areas. As a result when the continents became seperate the animals were forced to stay in that particular place. So the animals then evolved into the modern day wild and domestic cats.

When was Peru was discovered?

Peru was discovered by a crazy man eating tocan named bloody marry she saw tarzan she fell in love. She tried talking to him but he was always with that dumb tourist discover girl so she dicided to kill her to have tarzan all to herself then her old grandpa whacked me with a stick and i fell uncaunt ( Full Answer )

Who discovered the Peru?

The most well known indigenous people in Peru were the Incas, although there are several other groups. The Spanish turned up centuries later, so they can't claim to have discovered it- in fact, they were the last to get there.

What are the benefits of Peru?

EVERYTHING!, since the food til the environment, the landscapes are beautiful and the people is awesomely kind.

What are the festivals in Peru?

its crazy there in a good way and have many festivals such as christmas, celebrate jesus christ and many more