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Pittsburg and PSU are located in the southeast corner of the state of Kansas

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2008-11-01 02:55:06
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Q: Where is Pittsburg State University?
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Where is Pittsburg State University located?

Pittsburg State University is located in the state of Kansas.

When was Pittsburg State University created?

Pittsburg State University was created in 1903.

What is Pittsburg State University's motto?

Pittsburg State University's motto is 'Where People Succeed'.

What has the author Randy Roberts written?

Randy Roberts has written: 'Pittsburg State University' -- subject(s): History, Pictorial works, Pittsburg State University 'Jack Dempsey' -- subject(s): Boxers (Sports), Biography 'Pittsburg' 'Papa Jack' -- subject(s): Boxers (Sports), Biography

What are Pittsburg State University's 25th-75th percentile ACT scores?

Pittsburg State University's 2014 25th-75th percentile ACT scores are 18-25 on the English section, 18-25 on the Math section, and 19-24 Composite.

When was Pittsburg State Gorillas football created?

Pittsburg State Gorillas football was created in 1908.

What state is pittsburg in?


Most wins division 2 football?

Pittsburg State University (Kansas) has the most with 639 wins as of Sept. 4 2010.

Is Pittsburghh in Pennsylvania?

Amongst others, yes, here is a list: In the United States * Pittsburg, Alabama * Pittsburg, Arkansas * Pittsburg, California, named in 1911 * Pittsburg, Colorado * Pittsburg, Florida * Pittsburg, DeKalb County, Georgia * Pittsburg, Walker County, Georgia * Pittsburgh Landing, Idaho * Pittsburg, Fayette County, Illinois * Pittsburg, Illinois, in Williamson County * Pittsburg, Indiana * Pittsburg, Montgomery County, Iowa * Pittsburg, Van Buren County, Iowa * Pittsburg, Kansas, Crawford County, founded 1876 * Pittsburg State University, located in that town * Pittsburg Township, Mitchell County, Kansas * Pittsburg, Kentucky * Pittsburg, Michigan * Pittsburg, Mississippi * Pittsburg, Missouri * Pittsburg, Nebraska * Pittsburg, New Hampshire * Pittsburg, Nevada * Pittsburg, New Mexico * Pittsburg, North Carolina * Pittsburg, North Dakota * Pitsburg, Ohio * Pittsburgh Junction, Ohio * Pittsburg, Oklahoma * Pittsburg County, Oklahoma * Pittsburg, Oregon * Pittsburg, South Carolina * Pittsburg, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania * East Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania * West Pittsburg, Pennsylvania * Pittsburg Landing, Tennessee * South Pittsburg, Tennessee * Pittsburg, Texas * Pittsburg, Utah

Is Pittsburg in Ohio?

Pittsburg village is in the Darke County of Ohio state in the US, while Pittsburg City is in eastern Contra Costa County of California state in the US also.

What state is the pittsburg steelers from?


Where is the Pitt's library located?

The Pitt's library belongs to the University Library System USL University of Pittsburg. The Pitt's library is located at 3960 Forbes Ave Pittsburg, PA.

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