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Where is Rikishi and will he ever return to the WWE?

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Rikishi was released by the WWE on July 16, 2004, following repeated requests from the WWE that he lose weight. He continues to wrestle on the independent circuit. In the course of his twelve year career with the WWF/WWE, he competed in nine Royal Rumbles, eliminating a total of twelve other wrestlers. In October 2005, Fatu shortened his ring name to Kishi after being notified by WWE legal representatives that WWE owned a trademark on the name "Rikishi". Fatu as Kishi would go on to operate Nu-Wrestling Evolution, a professional wrestling promotion based in Italy. Fatu would be involved in an angle with Scott Steiner and Vampiro that would see Kishi suffer a (kayfabe) concussion that would keep Kishi out of in-ring competition forever. After this, Kishi's character would be used as an on-screen commissioner only.

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Will Rikishi ever return to the WWE?

its very unlikely that rikishi will be back in wwe but he is still wrestling in a company called NWEno

What job does WWE rikishi has?

Rikishi doesnt work for the WWE.

Did Rey mysterio ever do the stinkface?

Yes he did at a WWE Home Show with rikishi

Why did rikishi leaves WWE?

He got released from his contract by the WWE. The WWE wanted him to lose weight but Rikishi did not and so he left the WWE

Why did rikishi quit the WWE?

Rikishi left the WWE because he was no longer as physically fit as he should have been to wrestle. Rikishi left the WWE in 20047 and returned in 2012.

Whatever happened to rikishi?

He got released from his contract by the WWE. The WWE wanted him to lose weight but Rikishi did not and so he left the WWE

Did Rikishi from WWE die?

Rikishi DID NOT die. He currently wrestles in Japan.

Are WWE superstars rikishi and yokozuna brothers?

no rikishi and yokozuna are cousins

Why did rikishi leave the WWE?

Because wwe did not renew his contract with the company. They did so because rikishi did not lose weight even after repeated requests by wwe

Was Rikishi on WWE or WWF?

he was on both

Where is the WWE superstar Rikishi?

Rikishi is currently retired from wrestling and residing in Poinciana, Florida.

Why did rikishi leave WWE?

Professional wrestler Rikishi was forced to leave the WWE in 2004 for failing to meet repeated requests to lose weight. He returned to the WWE in 2012.

What happened to Rikishi of WWE?

Rikishi was released by WWE on July 16, 2004, following repeated requests from WWE to lose weight. He has been wrestling in the independent circuit.

When will Rikishi return to the WWE or maybe go to TNA?

he is not coming back cuz his in NWE (google if you want proof)

Why did WWE rikishi leave?

Because wwe wanted him to lose weight and he did not

Will rikishi come back to WWE?

Probably not. Rikishi and WWE had a bit of a falling out, which resulted in Rikishi leaving in the first place. I'm not saying that it couldn't happen, because anything's possible with the WWE, I'm just saying don't hold your breath, amigo!

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Will too cool return to the WWE?

Too Cool briefly returned to the WWE earlier this year in January. Too Cool fought alongside Rikishi in an Old School Raw episode.

Why is Brocklesnar making his Return to WWE?

He is not coming back to WWE EVER

What Ever Happened To Rikishi?

Solofa Fatu Jr., also known as Rikishi, was released from the WWE in 2004, after not following repeated requests to lose weight. He currently wrestles on the independent circuit under the name Kishi.

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