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The original city of Sparta no longer exists. Sparta, Greece was located in Laconia, along the banks of the Eurotas. Its coordinates were 37 degrees 4' 55" N, 22 degrees 25' 25" E.

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Where in Greece is Sparta?

Sparta is in the southwest of Greece in Peloponesus

What made Sparta strong in Ancient Greece?

the army made Sparta strong in ancient Greece

The differences between the food in ancient Greece and ancient Sparta?

Sparta was part of Greece-it was a city in it.

Does Sparta have a army today?

Sparta is not a modern day country, it is part of modern day Greece, which has a military, but Sparta is just a city in Greece now. Sparta was never a country; it was always a city and part of Greece just as Athens is/was.

Is Sparta in the northern side southern side eastern or western side of Greece?

Sparta is on the south of greece

Where is Sparta located?

Sparta was in southeast Greece on the Peloponnesian peninsula

Where are Athens and Sparta?

Athens is in Greece and Sparta is in the Czech Republic.

Who is the mayor of Sparta?

The mayor of Sparta, Greece, is Stavros Argeitakos.

Is Sparta the same today as it was years ago?

There is no Sparta. It is Greece.

Why is the capital of Greece Sparta?

Athens is the capital of Greece.

What is the area of Sparta?


Where did Sparta originate from?


Where was Leonidas from?

Sparta, Greece

Is Sparta a city in Greece?

Yes. Sparta is a town on the Peloponnese in the extreme south of Greece. It used to be called "the Gateway to Greece" for people coming from the south.

What is the location of Sparta?

Sparta is the capital city of the Sparta Prefacture located in southeast Peloponnesus in Greece.

How do you spell Sparta?

Sparta is the correct spelling. It is an ancient city in Greece.

Were did Sparta come from?

Sparta came from the south of the Peloponnese peninsula in Greece

Does Sparta still exist?

Well the country of Sparta no longer exist's but the capital still does, the country of Sparta was around until the year 1834 when a war between Sparta and Greece ended up with Sparta being absorbed by the rest of Greece

What is the driving distance from Olympia in Greece and Sparta in Greece?

The distance between Olympia, Greece and Sparta, Greece is approximately 191.0 km which is equivalent to around 2 hours and 35 minutes by car.

What country was Sparta located in?


How is Sparta and athen the same?

In Greece

What age do you have to be in Sparta in ancient Greece?

for what

What is the climate of Sparta Greece?


What is Athens and sparta?

athens and sparta were both city-states in ancient greece

What are Athens and Sparta?

Athens and Sparta were Greek city-states in Ancient Greece.