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December 3, 2014, this is the REAL Mike Sparks. First of all lets start out by setting the record straight......I was not fired by Jim Ross. I was fired by Steve Taylor, who by the way, a year later was fired along with his friend Caroline. I guess those skiing trips weren't all that worth it, were they Steve?? After that, I had a go at the car business back in my hometown of Fredericksburg, VA where I have lived since 2006. The car business was a bigger work than the Wrestling business, but at least the wrestling business had RESPECT. For those of you who know me, I have probably said enough...Dave is dying a slow and painful death while his brother Earl and Brian are at TNA. I have never owned a chicken farm, nor does my family. To my loyal fans, I miss all of you....the beer drinking, shooting the bull, etc. Maybe one day somebody will read this, preferably Vince, but I am sure someone will block it from getting to him. Sending me to rehab was one of the best things you could have ever done, it saved my life....I will give you credit for that. However, there are alot of fans of wrestling and it is a shame that the product has gone to what it is now. At least with the Attitude Error, we had it and we had it good. Tony Chimel, I told you one day "YES" was going to get over, tell Daniel Bryan he is welcome. Paul Heyman, you and I probably had three or four conversations at best, alot of people can't stand you, I highly respect you; you are definitely a straight shooter. If anyone from WWE (Vince, Hunter, Stephanie, Kevin Dunn) wish to contact me you have my address. I gave you 6 years of my life, not once did a ring not get put up whether at a house show or live TV, the show went on and never once did I get a reason why I was canned.

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Q: Where is WWE's Mike Sparks?
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