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Answer Its a country in the UK. It borders England. Capital city is Cardiff/Caerdydd.
Wales occupies the Western coast of Britain. Situated between England on the right and Ireland on the left
Its in the west of Britain (left hand side ) and is the area central protruding in to the Irish Sea
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What is Wales famous for?

Answer The Nation of Wales has the longest history in Europe, predating England, for example, by well over two thousand years. Philologically, the language is related to Rhaetian and Etrurian (Etruscan), and standing stones, some over three thousand years old, carved in the old Coelbren (stroke al ( Full Answer )

How big is Wales?

it holds 900,000 sheep and each sheep takes up 3 square meters so that is 900,000 times 3 equals 2,700,000 meters squared.

Where are wales from?

Wales is a country to the west of England. It's kind of between England and Ireland.

Who are the wales?

They are a nation of people situated in the west of Britain and aredescended from Celts

What is a nickname for Wales?

nicknames for people from wales are, a taff, taffy, sheep-shaggers, egg-chasers, Celts..... people from swansea - jacks people from Cardiff - taffs/taffy's people from west wales - Turks

What are Wales connected to?

Geographically - England. Language - Breton, Cornwall (slightly less to Ireland, Isle of Man, Scotland). Emotionally - everywhere BUT England

Do you like Wales?

I most certainly do, I LOVE it!! I live here, I am of Welshnationality, I speak Welsh, and find it a most beautiful andfascinating country full of history, culture, arts, heritage,terrific natural beauty, superb food and a vibrant social scene.It's a lovely place!

Which volcanoes are in Wales?

there are no active volcanoes in Wales.. Data suggests that Snowdon was once a Volcano.

What region is Wales?

Wales is a country on the island of Great Britain, as are Scotland and England. Wales is also part of the United Kingdom, along with Scotland, England and Northern Ireland.

Towns in wales?

A.................... Aberaeron, Aberavon, Aberbargoed, Abercarn, Abercwmboi, Aberdare,Abergavenny, Abergele, Aberporth, Abertillery, Aberystwyth,Afonwen, Amlwch, Ammanford, Argoed B.................... Bagillt, Bala, Bangor, Bargoed, Barmouth, Barry, Beaumaris, Bedwas,Benllech, Bethesda, Blaenau F ( Full Answer )

Why is it wet in Wales?

I asked exactly the same question to my science teacher in Comprehensive school. She said it had something to do with it raining so much, combined with the rarity of sunny days. I think the time has come to put more money into research so that perhaps we could work towards a drier, less wet future f ( Full Answer )

Is Wales in Scotland?

Scotland and Wales are separate constituent countries of the United Kingdom. Wales is a principality. Hence, "The Prince of Wales" - HRH Prince Charles.

Animals in Wales?

Wales has many types of wildlife. They have dolphins, puffins,seals, salmon, and several types of wild fowls like sea birds.

Is Wales in war?

Welsh troops are part of the British Army, along with troops from England, Scotland and Northern Ireland, they are currently involved in the conflict in Afghanistan.

How do you say how do in Wales?

(not quite sure what you're asking for... but I'll translate how do , as in how do you do) sut ydych chi (how do you do/ how are you) more informal is - su mai

Who is wale?

Wale is a rapper born in D.C. He mostly raps about real life things and bases his music on more of go-go type. He currently has 3 mixtapes and his first album coming out in November 2009.

What was wales called before wales?

Well , originally it wouldn't have had an English alternative (Wales) and would have always been Cymru (I think) In the same way , while England had complete power over us , they also forced us to change many on the towns names - this is why some towns have English names , and almost all towns have ( Full Answer )

Who is famous from Wales?

Some of the highly talented people who were born in Wales include Tom Jones, Anthony Hopkins, Richard Burton, Catherine Zeta-Jones , Dylan Thomas, Bryn-Terfel, Catherine Jenkins, Charlotte Church, Gavin Henson, Ioan Gruffudd, Rowan Williams, The Manic Street Preachers (a band), Rhys Ifans, Howard Ma ( Full Answer )

Where is south Wales?

It's in Wales. I believe 'South Wales' refers specifically to the southernmost part of the principality.

Where is Brecon in Wales?

Brecon is neither considered mid nor south wales. It is situated on the main road through wales, the a470, approx 20 miles north of merthyr tydfil. In the county (or whatever they are called these days) of Powys. South West of Hereford England (approx 40mins driving time) East of Llandov ( Full Answer )

Why is Wales in the UK called Wales?

The word Wales derives from old German and means 'stranger' or 'foreign.' Derivatives of the word were applied by Anglo Saxons to the Celtic inhabitants of Britain. Interestingly enough the French and Spanish names for Wales are very similar to the old Roman word for France - 'Gaul'. In Spanish is ( Full Answer )

Is Wales in London?

It's in England. No it isn't. Wales is one of the constituent countries of the United Kingdom along with England, Scotland, and Northern Ireland and London is the capital city of the UK.

Is Treharris in Wales?

Yes it is. Its 17 miles North of Cardiff on the A470 and 5 milessouth of Merthry Tydfil

What is hightest in Wales?

If you mean the highest peak of wales, it's Snowdon (o'r Wyddfa in Welsh). It has a height of 1,085 metres from sea

Where is aberisweyth in Wales?

Aberystwyth :) Its near the west coast of wales, in the middle :) Some might say in the middle of nowhere...

What is important in Wales?

What is important to a Welsh person in Wales is;the sport especially Rugby, the language, the music as the country is reffered to as the land of song ( Tom Jones, Stereophonic,Manic street preachers, Cerys Matthews, Shirley Bassey, Bonnie Tyler, Charlotte Church, Catherine Jenkins.) The History, Coa ( Full Answer )

How do you get to Wales?

That depends entirely on where you are... Plane, car, boat, train, bus, walk, cycle. Wales is a country that protrudes from the west of mid-England.

What is Wales importance?

Over the industrial age in Britain, Wales had many coal mines, children and adults where forced to go down these mines to get coal and make money for their families. Now people in Wales just live normal lives. Shopping, working, eating, sleeping, etc...

Is Wales Significant?

Wales is a country. It has it's own language and its own elections for welsh ministers. So yes, I would say Wales is significant!

Is Wales in edingburgh?

No Wales is a country of its own next to England. Edinburugh is in Scotland.

Is Wales abroard?

Wales is a constituent country of the UK, so Wales can be classed as abroad from any country except the UK.

Where is the waling wall?

The term 'Wailing Wall' was used by British soldiers in reference to the Western Wall of the Second Temple in Jerusalem. The term 'Wailing Wall' was an insult against Jews, implying that when Jews pray they wail.

What is a wale considered?

It is spelled Whale if your considering a big blue marine animal and a whale is a mammal because it breathes air and gives birth to its young ans it gives milk

What can you do as project about Wales?

You could do about the history of the Celts or Welsh princes, the castles or lanscape, or famous Welsh people and artists/singers/actors.

Where about is wales?

Wales the country is just to the left of England. There is also a New South Wales in Australia and there are probably plenty more :D

Who was Wales founded by?

Assuming you mean the WRU and not the country then it was the selection of the first official Welsh team by the remarkable Richard Mullock to face England at Mr Richardson's Field, Blackheath on 19th February 1881, that hastened the formation of what we now know as the Welsh Rugby Union. The WRU ha ( Full Answer )

How cold does it get in Wales?

February is the coldest in Wales and the coldest it gets is usually around 1.1 o C (34 o F).

What about wales?

Wales as in the town Wales as in the Country or Whales as in the animal

What gang is wale in?

Wake is not in a gang. He associates with blood members thought. Like Lil Wayne and wake flocka flame.

What food do they have on Wales?

Obviously, Wales offers the full range of food that all modern Western countries do nowadays, although there are some variations. 'Fast food' (i.e. burger bars, drive-through McDonalds etc.) is not as popular in Wales as it is in England- the Welsh tend to prefer Indian or Chinese take-aways, or pi ( Full Answer )

Where is Pembrokeshire Wales?

Pembrokeshire is in the far South-West of Wales, occupying the lower of the two 'horns' of the nation. It is split into North and South Pembrokeshire by a non-officially defined boundary called the Landsker, as the two parts of the county are very different. North Pembrokeshire is far more wild, sto ( Full Answer )

Is Wales multicultural?

yes especially in the industrial areas, not so much in the more remote rural areas

What is the siyble of Wales?

Sorry, but your question makes no sense- what do you mean by 'siyble'? Please define, then I can answer your query.

What is Wales alphabetisation?

It's complex, as some letters that exist in English do not exist in Welsh, whereas others that consist of TWO letters in English count as a single letter in Welsh. Generally speaking, the Welsh alphabet is the same as that of English EXCEPT that some letters don't exist in it- these are J,K,Q,V,X an ( Full Answer )

What Emblems do you have in Wales?

Certain evolution-minded people think that it is the remnant of an organ that allowed our ancestors to digest cellulose, enabling them to eat greenery. However, there are several opposing schools of thought regarding this, and some people have claimed that the appendix is not actually as useless as ( Full Answer )

What is Wales ruled by?

As a principality it is government by a devolved Assembly inCardiff Called the Welsh Government. Overall its by the BritishParliament - Its head is Queen Elizabeth II (at time of postinganswer)

Where is the landmark of Wales?

Which one? There are many! Are you asking what is Wales's mostfamous landmark? If the latter then it would probably be MountSnowdon in the North, the second highest mountain in the BritishIsles at 1,085 metres. It is frequently cloud-topped and can bedangerous to climb; some climbing routes are easi ( Full Answer )

What is the pronoun of Wales?

The pronoun that takes the place of the proper noun 'Wales' is it . Example: Wales is on the coast. It is verypicturesque.

Is Wales a monarchy?

Not in itself its a principality and is part of a monarchy having aprince as its monarch representative