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Where is YAH in the King James Bible?


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What you may be thinking about is Jah, which is the shorted form of Jehovah, the English word for Yahweh, which is believed to be the Hebrew pronunciation of the name of God. The King James Version uses the name Jehovah in four places at Exodus 6:3, Psalms 83:18, Isaiah 12:2, and Isaiah 26:4, and it uses the name Jehovahjireh at Genesis 22:14, Jehovahnissi at Exodus 17:15, and Jehovahshalom at Judges 6:24.

The KJV does not use Jah, Yahweh, or Yah anywhere in it's translation.

Jah is actually in Psalm 68:4! (Colin)

Yah is in the Old Testament. I have found it in Isaiah 26:4, Isaiah 12:2, Isaiah 38:11 and psalm 68:4 that I know of, and this is from the New Kings James version...God Bless (Sheshai)

Actually Isaiah is in the Old testament. It only has 66 chapters. YAH appears in Isaiah 38:11, Isaiah 26:4, and Isaiah 12:2. YAH is short for YaHuWaH which is the Covenant name of God.

Also, Yah is in the New Testament, but a little harder to recognize. In Revelation 19:1,3,4 and 6, many English Bibles have "Alleluiah" written as the praise being proclaimed around the throne of God. "Alleluiah" is actually the Hebrew phrase, "Hallu Yah." It's spelled differently because the Greeks spelled the Hebrew phrase beginning with their alphabet letter alpha. The English translators followed the Greeks' transliteration. It's a well-known fact amongst Biblical scholars that "Alleluiah" is a Greek transliteration of "Hallelujah" (English spelling). The last psalm (psalm 150) repeatedly uses this phrase, "Hallu Yah!" We don't see it in English because English translators translated this phrase as "Praise ye the LORD!" Here's a good link that shows that phrase in English and Hebrew, side-by-side <>.

Although God warned several times in His Word not to add or take away from His sacred word, at some point in time, religious leaders decided to remove YHWH from scripture and replace it with terms like Addonai (Hebrew for Lord), Ha Shem (Hebrew for The Name). In English, YHWH was replaced with LORD or GOD in all caps.

I believe this change was a direct violation of God's teaching. I read those scriptures as they were originally written with YHWH in place. I write scriptures with His name still in place.

It was an eye-opener to me to find that His holy word had been changed -- and of all things, His name! I was shocked. (jap)

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