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What you may be thinking about is Jah, which is the shorted form of Jehovah, the English word for Yahweh, which is believed to be the Hebrew pronunciation of the name of God. The King James Version uses the name Jehovah in four places at Exodus 6:3, Psalms 83:18, Isaiah 12:2, and Isaiah 26:4, and it uses the name Jehovahjireh at Genesis 22:14, Jehovahnissi at Exodus 17:15, and Jehovahshalom at Judges 6:24.
The KJV does not use Jah, Yahweh, or Yah anywhere in it's translation.

Jah is actually in Psalm 68:4! (Colin)

Yah is in the old testament. I have found it in Isaiah 26:4, Isaiah 12:2, Isaiah 38:11 and psalm 68:4 that I know of, and this is from the New Kings James version...God Bless (Sheshai)

Actually Isaiah is in the Old testament. It only has 66 chapters. YAH appears in Isaiah 38:11, Isaiah 26:4, and Isaiah 12:2. YAH is short for YaHuWaH which is the Covenant name of God.

Also, Yah is in the New Testament, but a little harder to recognize. In Revelation 19:1,3,4 and 6, many English Bibles have "Alleluiah" written as the praise being proclaimed around the throne of God. "Alleluiah" is actually the Hebrew phrase, "Hallu Yah." It's spelled differently because the Greeks spelled the Hebrew phrase beginning with their alphabet letter alpha. The English translators followed the Greeks' transliteration. It's a well-known fact amongst Biblical scholars that "Alleluiah" is a Greek transliteration of "Hallelujah" (English spelling). The last psalm (psalm 150) repeatedly uses this phrase, "Hallu Yah!" We don't see it in English because English translators translated this phrase as "Praise ye the LORD!" Here's a good link that shows that phrase in English and Hebrew, side-by-side <http://biblos.com/psalms/150-1.htm>.

Although God warned several times in His Word not to add or take away from His sacred word, at some point in time, religious leaders decided to remove YHWH from scripture and replace it with terms like Addonai (Hebrew for Lord), Ha Shem (Hebrew for The Name). In English, YHWH was replaced with LORD or GOD in all caps.

I believe this change was a direct violation of God's teaching. I read those scriptures as they were originally written with YHWH in place. I write scriptures with His name still in place.

It was an eye-opener to me to find that His holy word had been changed -- and of all things, His name! I was shocked. (jap)
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Who wrote the King James Bible?

King James appointed 54 scholars who used for the New Testament the Greek text published by Eramus of Rotterdam and a Greek-Latin text from the 6TH century. It was first published in 1611.

Why did King James reinterpret the Bible?

James got scholars to translate the bible from Greek and Hebrew into English. The Bible was in those two languages back then, and if you didn't read those two languages, you couldn't read the Bible. James made the Bible available to English speaking peoples with his translation. If you could read it ( Full Answer )

King James Bible?

Its known as an extremely accurate English translation of the Bible, though to some very difficult to understand as it uses "thou," "thy," ect.

Who wrote King James Bible?

Fifty-four scholars were appointed for the King James translation in 1604, however, it is believed that only forty-seven actually worked on the translation.

How did the King James Bible come about?

When James I succeeded Elizabeth in 1603, there were at least three popular versions of the Bible used in England at that time: The Geneva Bible, the Great Bible and the Bishop's Bible. He instructed the translators to produce a new Bible, following the ordinary Bible read in the Church, the Bishops ( Full Answer )

Who was King James in the Bible?

King James 1st was responsible for ordering the creation of the King James Version of the Bible which was completed in 1611.

Why did King James rewrite the Bible?

King James did not necessarily rewrite the Bible. He translated itinto English so that the people of his kingdom could read it.

Where did the King James bible come from?

When James 1 succeeded Elizabeth in 1603, there were at least three popular versions of the Bible at that time: The Geneva Bible, the Great Bible and the Bishop's Bible. In October, 1603, he called a conference, to meet in Hampton Court Palace, in the coming January, "for hearing and for the determi ( Full Answer )

Did King James change the Bible?

A: When James I succeeded Elizabeth in 1603, there were at least three popular English translations of the Bible at that time: The Geneva Bible, the Great Bible and the Bishop's Bible. His instructions to the translators were that the Bishops' Bible was to be followed and as little altered as the ( Full Answer )

In the Bible who was King James?

King James was not a biblical character. He was the King of England when the Hampton Court Conference approved a new translation of the Bible, which was completed in 1611. This became known as the King James Version.

Who is Peter from the King James Bible?

Peter, in any version of the Bible, was a leading apostle and disciple of Jesus. He led the early Christians in Jerusalem and authored the New Testament books of 1 and 2 Peter.

What is wrong with the King James Bible?

There is nothing wrong with the King James Bible. If you are asking in regard to why some people prefer to use other versions, then it would be because the King James version is written in old English which is hard for some people to understand. Therefore other versions were written to make them mor ( Full Answer )

Who is the King James Bible used by?

Church of England With over 1 billion copies now in circulation, the King James Bible enjoys a far wider audience than simply the Church of England.

How is the King James bible organized?

Chapter and Verse, the usual Old and New testaments. the Psalms are considered to be part of the Old testament and are in a book of their own.

Birth and death of king James of king James bible?

King James was born June 19, 1566; died March 27, 1625 authorizedthe King James version of the Bible. This translation is stillpopular today. It is considered by biblical schloars to be one ofthe wost translations of the Bible. One reason being James had someof the wording changed in order to receiv ( Full Answer )

Why is Tobit not in the King James bible?

When the books in the Bible were decided by the Early Church there were many books that, because of their reliability were decided to be included unanimously by all Christian leaders. These are what all Christian denominations regard as the Bible today (eg the Old Testament, four gospels and Acts, P ( Full Answer )

When did the King James Bible originate?

In 1604, James 1 decided that a new translation of the Bible was needed and ordered work to begin. The King James Version of the Bible was completed by 1611.

Is the King James Bible real?

The King James Authorised Version of the Bible is a moderately accurate, English translation of the original Bible. Where the translators were uncertain about the original meaning and when they intentionally departed from the original text as they knew it, they placed the text in italics to inform r ( Full Answer )

Who was Eli in King James Bible?

"Eli" is the Aramaic for "My God" this is only used in one place Matthew 27:46. When Jesus was hanging on the cross he cried with a loud voice "Eli, Eli, lama sabachthani?", Which translates "My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?"

What is the importance of the King James Bible?

The King James Bible is read in countries around the World; resulting in much Art, Literature and Music being based on language and stories from the Bible. As such it has arguably more influence on the English language than Shakespeare or any other author.

What did King James have to do with the Bible?

In January 1604, King James I of England convened the Hampton Court Conference where a new English version was proposed. That is why the translation bears his name. James didn't write or translate it. The translation was by 47 scholars, all of whom were members of the Church of England. He was ( Full Answer )

Who was Antipas in the King James Bible?

Herod Antipas (before 20 BC - after 39 AD) was the son of Herod the Great, and was ruler of Galilee and Perea from 4 BC to 39 AD. He is best known for his role in the deaths of Jesus and John the Baptist.

When did King James translate the Bible?

Hoping to get rid of the Geneva Bible translation in England, because of it's radical marginal notes, and so a 'modern' English Bible could be read in the churches, King James authorized this new translation in 1604 and it was finally published in 1611 in Great Britain. It was based on what is ref ( Full Answer )

What did King James omit from the interpretation of the King James bible?

The "King James" version of the Bible is named after King James simply because he authorized it, not because he altered or interpreted it to mean what he wanted it to say. One version of the Bible is not exactly the same as a different version: if they were the same then there would be no need for y ( Full Answer )

Why was the King James bible written?

The Bible itself gives the answer to this question in John 20.31 "But these are written, that ye might believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God; and that believing ye might have life through his name." I think the above verse is about the book of John not the King James Bible. King ( Full Answer )

What is the King James bible version?

The King James Version Bible is a translation of the Bible which originated in 1611, King James of England ordered it to be translated from the Hebrew Bible. He set very strict rules to be followed and many men to do the work in order to insure it was translated right. It was then translated into a ( Full Answer )

What is the King James Bible HE SHE Bible 1611?

There was a proofreading error in the first printing, where Ruth was referred to be the pronoun "he." The proofreader who stood next to the press and read the pages as they came off noticed the mistake and the page was reset. Bibles printed before the correction were "he" bibles and the corrected ed ( Full Answer )

How did we get the King James Bible?

The 'authorized' King James Bible of 1611 is a translation of the then available texts of the Bible into English. It was commissioned by King James, hence the name.

Was the King James bible misinterpeded?

I think it is fair to say that all version of the Bible have been misinterpreted by man. Hence the thousands of varying sects of Christianity as well as, Judaism. The 1st rule of study for the Bible is ALLOW the Bible to Interpret Itself . The 2nd rule is READ the FULL Context of the verse bei ( Full Answer )

Was King James a king in the Bible?

No, King James was the English king who had the bible translated from latin to english... hence, the King James' version of the bible.

Where to find Yah in the bible?

Primarily, you will find this term in a Jewish Bible as it is theshortened or poetic form of the Holy Name of God 'YHWH' which isunspeakable. In the Complete Jewish Bible, there are 155 entriesfor 'Yah' similar to this one: Exodus 15:2 Complete Jewish Bible (CJB) . 2 Yah is mystrength and my ( Full Answer )

What Bible was there before the King James Bible?

We must first realize that the King James Bible is the only translation of the Bible into English straight directly from the textas receptas(the recieved texts of the Bible in the original languages). All the others like the NIV, NKJV, NAV etc...were all taken from the KJV and added to, compermised ( Full Answer )

Who is Barack King James bible?

Barak is the son of Abinoam,He led an army to fight with Sisera,the canaanites who oppre.ssed the israelites .The deliverance of Israel from canaanites was a success together with deborah the priestess.

Who is Junia in the King James Bible?

The apostle writes about Junia at the end of his epistle to the Romans, and this is the only record that we have of her in the Bible: Romans 16.7. Salute Andronicus and Junia, my kinsmen, and my fellowprisoners, who are of note among the apostles, who also were in Christ before me.

Who were the Kings in the King James Bible?

King James of England seperated from the Catholic Church and made his own copy of the Bible called The King James Version in 1611. If you're talking about the kings of Israel and Judah...you can find that in any standard Bible.

Does a King James Bible have value?

Value is generally a "personal" matter. As for this contributor... I inherited my King James Bible when I was nine years old from the only grandfather I ever knew [who was my mom's step-father]. On top of that... I have also studied it, and have had the Truth of God that's hidden within its covers r ( Full Answer )

Where is uriel in King James bible?

The name Uriel is mentioned 3 times and appear to be different persons. 1) I Chronicles 6:24; 2) I Chronicles 15:5, 11; 3) II Chronicles 13:2.

Who is Yah in the Hebrew Bible?

Although often misused or mistranslated, Yah is not used as a true name or indication of G-d in the Hebrew Bible. The true name of G-d cannot be spoken and the letters YHWH which are often pronounced Yahweh are not used by Jews, only by Christians. In prayer, G-d may be referred to as Adonai or Eloh ( Full Answer )

Why was the King James Bible developed?

The King James Bible was commissioned by King James VI of Scotland as a translation of the Christian bible. He gave the translators instructions that would guarantee this version would support the Church of England.

Is Lilith in King James Bible?

No, this is part of Jewish mythology and Babylonian Talmud. There is a current school of thought that says this Hebrew term for 'night' is referenced in Isaiah 34:14 but that does not list this term as a woman or wife of Adam.

What is King James Bible all about?

According to the translators of the King James Version in theirPreface and Dedication of their work to the king... the" reason " for it; " what it was all about ," wasthat "... there should be one more exact Translation of the HolyScriptures into the English tongue ..." that was more easilyunderstoo ( Full Answer )

Was King James from the Bible a African?

King James is not in the Bible but was King of England in the 17thCentury who authorized an English-version of the Bible still in usetoday.