Where is Yemen?

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Yemen is located in southwest Asia on the southern tip of the Arabian Peninsula. Yemen is bordered by Saudi Arabia to the north, Oman to the east, the Red Sea to the west and the Indian ocean to the South.

It's an Arabian neighborhood. It is adjacent to Syria.

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The coordinates of Yemen are 15.5527° N, 48.5164° E.

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Q: Where is Yemen?
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What nation is Yemen in?

Yemen is a country. Officially: The Republic of Yemen.

Was the country of yemen always called yemen?

No, it used to be called, Republic of Yemen

What address does chandler tell janice for Yemen?

15 yemen road, yemen

What is the motto of Yemen?

The motto of Yemen is ''.

What country is Yemen located?

Yemen is a country by itself, it was two countries once, North Yemen and South Yemen, it is in the middle east.

Official name of Yemen?

Republic of Yemen and some the call The Arab republic of Yemen

Where is Sana in Yemen?

Sana'a is in western Yemen.

Current events in Yemen?

ancient yemen

What rivers are in Yemen?

Yemen has no permanent rivers.

Is Yemen in war?

yes Yemen is in war.

Does Yemen have nukes?

No, Yemen does not have nuclear weapons.

Is yemen the same as yemen Arab republic?

yes.moses maimonides famous "letter to yemen"where can i read it?

What natural resources in Yemen?

194 southern yemen they fight against northern yemen but north they have help from iraq and the sudan so north yemen

Is Yemen also ethiopa?

Yemen in not the same as Ethiopa. Yemen is located in Saudi Arabia. Ethiopa is in Africa.

Why McDonald's not in Yemen?

actually there is mcdonalds in sana'a and aden. i have a friend in yemen who said there is. but if only they had applebees in yemen.

Former capital of Yemen?

The captial of Yemen is Sana'a

What continent is the country of Yemen on?

Yemen is a country in Asia.

What country does Yemen belong to?

Yemen is an independent country.

Is there a king or queen in Yemen?

Yemen is a republic, and has a president.

What is the national motto of Yemen?

Yemen doesn't have a motto

Where is Southern Yemen?

South Yemen used to be a separate state, but is now simply the southern part of Yemen. Yemen is in Asia in the south western part of the Arabian Peninsualr.

Why Yemen was divided into 2North and South?

Why yemen was divided into 2, North and SouthWhy yemen was divided into 2, North and SouthWhy yemen was divided into 2, North and South

Is Yemen part of the middle east?

Yes. Yemen is part of the middle east because where the middle east is located yemen is there . therefore yemen is part of the middle east

Is there football played in Yemen?

Yes. The Yemen National Football Team (Arabic: منتخب اليمني لكرة القدم‎), is the national team of Yemen and is controlled by the Yemen Football Association.

What state starts with Y?

Yemen is officially the Republic of Yemen.