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Where is a Nintendo WiFi access point?

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A Nintendo Wi-Fi Access Point is a Wireless Router connection that was set up to assist players in connecting online with online-enabled games.

2016-07-01 02:55:05
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Q: Where is a Nintendo WiFi access point?
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How do you get a WiFi connection on a Nintendo ds it say no compatible access point in range?

you dont there no wifi point in range

Do you really have to have a Nintendo wifi connector stick to play games on wifi for ds?

no, usually if you have a router or a DS compatible access point you do not need a wifi usb stick

How do you get wi-fi on your Nintendo DS?

for ds and ds lite get a game with wifi connection and select the wifi setup, then search for an access point on one of the three slots. You have to have wireless internet to do this, or the Nintendo wifi adapter, which is kinda crappy.

Every time you try to connect to Nintendo WiFi it says no access point in range What should you do?


How do you surf the web with a Nintendo DS?

You need the Nintendo DS Browser and Wifi access.

Does Nintendo 3DS has built in wifi?

It has a settings option where you can search for a access point and connect to it. But if it is locked,you need to have a security key. Just make sure there is wifi at your home and that you can connect to.

What do you need to get on to Nintendo WiFi in Pokemon platinum?

have Nintendo wifi at your house. DUH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!You don't need to have "Nintendo Wifi" at your house. You just need to be able to access an open source of WiFi, like from a coffee shop or a local McDonald's (they'll have a sign on the window saying "WE HAVE WIFI" or something like that)In the main menu where you have the options of continuing, new game, etc, there should be a Nintendo WiFi Connection Settings (or Nintendo WFC Settings) button.Select one of the three available connections, and thenselect Search For An Access Point.After a bit, the place's WiFi should show up; if it has a red padlock, it's password protected (if you have a standard DS or DS Lite, you can't access it). If it has a green, open padlock, you can select it and then select "Test Connection". If all goes well, you can now access Nintendo WiFi Connection from that location.Obviously, you can set up two more WiFi spots for two other locations, if you want.

How do you connect to a Nintendo Wifi if you do no have a access point?

good question cuz ive always wanted to no but my mate said u caant????

How do you get internet on your ds?

You need to be near an access point.If you own wireless internet, you can connect your Ds to it,just set up the access point. You can only set up an access point, if youhave a game that has a WiFi option, WiFi just simple means Wireless.You can't get it unless you have a Wifi game for it, unless you have aNintendo DSi, you can set it up without a game, since it lets you log on messenger and such.

Do I need specific accessory to connect my Nintendo DS to WiFi internet?

Yes, you need the Nintendo DS WiFi USB adaptor to access the internet.

How do you connect your Nintendo ds to Nintendo WiFi when it says no access point?

This means that there Isn't a connection point to connect to Nintendo wfc with, you need some sort of internet connection point to connect your ds to either wirelessly or with some sort of cable, without one of these, you cannot connect your ds to wi-fi Hi,, and I'm here to say that actually if you need a location... can show you where you live, the closest place to access wifi. Hope you enjoy!!

Is WiFi for Nintendo DS free?

If you have a wired Internet or ADSL, you will have to pay for a Nintendo Wifi USB Connector which will work with any Internet connection. If you have wireless Internet then follow these steps: 1. Put in your Wifi Connectible game card in 2. Go to the game's Nintendo WFC Settings 3. And Click on Search for an access point

Can you an access point in a library?

Yes if the library has wifi access.

Does the Nintendo DS you have Facebook?

The Nintendo DSi has a Facebook feature, where when you take a picture, it sends it to your Facebook profile if you have WiFi access.

Can you get an access point on WiFi connection without a router?


How do you get connected to Nintendo WiFi on Pokemon Diamond?

First you need wifi connection available in your home. Now load up Pokemon Diamond. From the title screen select the "nintendo WFC settings" option. Select "Nintendo Wi-Fi connection settings". Select connection 1 and then search for an access point. when your router appears on screen, type in its password. Now you can use wifi on your game!

How can someone open a wifi access point?

An open wifi access point is when your router can be accessed by joining with a wireless connection. This is done by not securing a router or allowing wireless connections without locking it from outside sources. Acessing a open wifi access point that doesn't belong to you is against the law and can be prosecuted.

How can you get wifi to work on a Pokemon game?

You'll need the Access Point first and then you can get WiFi Connection. Search for a Access Point in the WiFi Connection Settings and look for one around in the house. (Usually by windows.) Once you do find one (that is unlocked) you can connect to it and you can use the WiFi.

How do you use gts on HeartGold?

You have to be connected to a wifi access point.

How do you connect to a Nintendo Wifi connection when it says 'connected to an access point but unable to connect to the server please confirm access point settings and internet availabilty'?

If you're trying to connect using the WiFi USB stick, you need to turn off your firewall. It's stopping your connection. (For more help I suggest going to

Does WiFi access point emit waves when nobody is connected to it?


Is airport express a wireless router or wireless access point?


What does a laptop wifi card do?

A Wifi card will give wireless access to a Wifi access point or "Hot Spot". The "hot spot" is usually called a router or a gateway. Most routers or gateways will provide access to a computer network or the internet.

WIll the Powerful 250mw Wireless WiFi Access Point, Router, Bridge or Client work with MAC computers?

All WiFi access points will work with Macintosh computers. WiFi is a specification that is platform-independent.