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"Where is a Remington Nylon 66 for these prices?" Where is the rest of the question? I paid a nominal fee for one when it first came out and have found several in the past 3 years for triple what i paid, in fair to worse shape. Mostly what is needed is every thing that can be seen with the untrained eye. Bore condition is as important as the condition of the mechanics. It may the most impressive eye candy condition and still not have a firing pin! I have an old model side by side with extensive outer ware, dings, loss of blueing! However the $2.00 i paid has been counter offered by one who would have it for his price of $6,. What i have found out from so called experts won't fit into the right answer without more detailed questions and descreption.

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โˆ™ 2005-10-08 16:08:18
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Q: Where is a Remington Nylon 66 for these prices?
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How do you tell what model Remington nylon 66 i have?

it looks like in the blue book that the mod.# is nylon 66

Is there a peep sight for the Remington Nylon 66?


Could you show me assembly instructions for a Remington nylon 66?

There is a video on how to assemble and disassemble a nylon 66 on

Who makes the nylon 66 rifle 22 cal?


How many brown and chrome nylon 66 were made?

The Nylon 66 is a rifle that was made by Remington from 1959 to 1989. The brown and chrome model was Nylon 66MB and over 700,000 were produced.

Is there a purple Remington nylon 66?

Purple wasn't a Remington color.

What years were the Remington nylon 66 made Serial a2259093?

1959 to 1989

Where do you get a nylon 66 rifle repaired?

Go to Remington's web site. They have a list of repair centers.

What was the last year they made the Remington model 66?

The last year of production for the Remington model nylon model 66 was 1990.These rifles were made from 1959-1990 with a total production of 1,050,336.

What year was Remington nylon 66 A212204 made?

I can say that the A prefix was added to the serial number in 1977.The last nylon 66 rifles were made in 1987.So your rifle dates from 1977-1987.

How many Remington nylon 66 in Seneca green were manufactured?

i think 45000 between 59 and 61

Can a scope be mounted on a Remington nylon 66 rifle?

You can but the receiver flexes and it is difficult for the scope to stay in adjustment.

When was a Remington nylon 66 with hand graving numbers built?

When were Remington Nylon 66 rifles made in Canada?

I have a Seneca Green Nylon 66 with a date stamp for February 1960 and a "Made in Canada" stamp on top of the barrel ahead of the rear sight. Hope this helps.

Where do you get parts for a Remington nylon 66?

Check the service and parts link on the Remington Society of America here:

How many shots can you get out of a Remington nylon 66?

If I recall correctly, 14 and it loads from the stock. This is long rifle ammo.

How much is a Remington model 66 nylon riffle worth mint condition?

If it is the brown color then around $175.

Did Remington make a nylon 66 in .22 short only?

Yes they did. It is called a "gallery special" model. Remington Product No# is 5512 on the new in box one that I have. Ralph

Where do you get parts for a Remington nylon 66 rifle?

gun parts corpwould be the first stop. Jack First may have something

What should you use to clean nylon 66 rifle Remington action?

Any brand of firearms cleaning solvent will do the job.

What is the value of a Remington Nylon 66 Mohawk Brown in 90 percent to 95 percent condition manufactured in 1987?


The year of your nylon 66?

Nylon 66's were made from 59 to 89 but you can tell the month/year by looking up the date code on the Remington Society of America here:

Different properties between nylon 6nylon 66?

Is there any difference? nylon 6 and nylon 66 they are both nylon so...

What is the Barrel twist on a Remington Nylon 66?

The Remington Model 66 is chambered for the .22 long rifle cartridge. The most common twist rate for the .22 long rifle is one full turn in sixteen inches (1:16).

What date did the serial number of a Remington nylon 66 467479?

Check the date code on barrel ;) There's information on the Remington Society of America, check related links.

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