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there's 4 ho2 sensors total 2 of them are on the front of the engine and the other 2 are on the back of the engine

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Where is crank sensor 2002 Saturn vue?

On the 2002 Vue with the v6 engine, the sensor is on the side of the engine. The sensor is right beside of the oil filter.

Where is the intake air temperature sensor for a 2003 Saturn vue?

The intake air temperature sensor for a 2003 Saturn Vue is on the engine block. It is mounted near the top on the driver's side.

Where is the camshaft sensor on a 2003 Saturn Vue?

The 2003 Saturn camshaft sensor can be found on the back of the cylinder head. The camshaft sensor should be labeled as such.

Where is camshaft position sensor located on a 03 Saturn vue 4-cylinder?

The 03 Saturn Vue does not use a stand alone camshaft sensor. The system uses the ignition system as a sensor, tapping into the number one and four cylinder firing systems.

When was Saturn Vue created?

Saturn Vue was created in 2002.

Where is o2 sensor in Saturn sc1 1997?

exhaust pipe

Where is crank sensor located for 2006 Saturn vue?

There is a video on U-Tube showing where the sensor is and how to change it. It is above the starter

Where do you find crank sensor on 2003 Saturn vue 6 cylinder?

The V6 in the Saturn VUE is sideways (FWD) vs. the version used in the Cadillac Catera (RWD). On the Saturn, the crank sensor is mounted on the front side of the engine, sort of near where the trans mounts to the engine. Pretty easy to change.

How many carburetors does a Saturn vue have?

Zero, a Saturn Vue is fuel injected.

Sport utility vehicles that start with the letter v?

Saturn Vue Saturn Vue

Set Saturn Vue 2005 clock?

how do i set the clock in a 2005 saturn vue

Checking Saturn vue transmission fluid?

how do I put transmission fluid in a Saturn vue

How do you remove a starter on a 2002 Saturn Vue?

How do you remove a starter on a 2002 Saturn Vue?

Where is the downstream o2 sensor located on a 1999 Saturn SC?

It is in the exhaust after the converter.

Where can you get a service manual for 2001 Saturn Vue?

Saturn didn't start making the VUE until 2002; are you certain you have a 2001 VUE?

How much is a timing chain for a Saturn Vue?

2004 saturn vue v6

Car stereo installation for 2003 Saturn vue?

remove 2003 Saturn vue radio

Saturn vue lifter noise?

Saturn vue V6 lifter noise when first started

Where is the coolant level sensor on a 2004 Saturn Vue. In the radiator or the reservoir?

at the bottom of the coolant reservoir tank.

How do you turn off Saturn vue seat belt alarm?

the heater is stuck on on my saturn vue what do i do? on the seat

How do you check 2003 Saturn Vue transmission fluid?

How do you check the transmission fluid on a 2003 Saturn vue

How To Reset Security System on 2006 Saturn Vue?

how can I reset the security system on my 06 saturn vue

Where is the secondary o2 sensor located on a Saturn sw1?

Under the car along the exaust

03 Saturn vue is there an abs sensor on back wheels?

If the car has ABS there will be sensors there, byt ABS is optional. Here is a picture of the hub if it has it

What is the downstream O2 sensor and upstream O2 sensor in auto repair?

Downstream O2 sensor is an O2 sensor after the catalytic converter. Upstream O2 sensor is an O2 sensor before the catalytic converter.