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Fennec foxes are naturally found in the Sahara desert of North Africa


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a swift foxs habitat is a burrow underground or a den on the roadside or by a fence

what other animals live in the fennec foxs habitat.

Forest habitat to become a desert?

Relevant answers: What is a desert roadrunners niche in its habitat?A roadrunner's niche is to eat rattlesnakes. What is the niche of a desert roadrunner?The roadrunner has a desert habitat. Its niche is the place it holds in that habitat What is the niche of each animal in the desert?That is classified information right now!.Where is a desert in the desert?after heavy rain. . Some of the larger deserts are the Great Victoria Desert, the Gibson Desert, the Tanami What is the difference between the niche and the habitat of a desert roadrunner?A habitat is the place where an animal lives.The desert roadrunner's habitat is the desert.A niche

the amphisbaenas habitat is in a desert

Their habitat is in the desert or savannah.

Hello! You can find fennec foxes in the Sahara Desert of North Africa.

because they were made to be able to live in that habitat

The desert is a biome with a variety of habitats.

That is the habitat they have adapted to.

a tortises habitat is desert but the habitat really depends on the tortise

Carnivores, herbivores and omnivores might share a desert habitat.

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a desert habitat is really dry and it is mostly sand. it hardly rains in these types of habitats

Yes, they do, that is their habitat.

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The roadrunner has a desert habitat. Its niche is the place it holds in that habitat. The roadrunner's niche in its habitat is as a consumer. The roadrunner is an omnivore living on snakes and plants.

They live in the norhtern parts of Africa. majority in the Sahara desert and along the sinai and Arabian peninsulas

are red foxs in alberta

They have the same habitat. They can withstand the heat of the desert.

That question is unanswerable because the desert is a habitat.

The desert ecosystem means Where animals live in the desert it is like their habitat or where they use what they have.

their habitat is in the desert or tropical place

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