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Where is a fuse for engine or to start a car for which a fuse is blown?


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If the car is a Diesel there is 30 amp open fuse on the firewall


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The cruise control is fed by the same fuses as the engine computer. If the car runs, it is not a blown fuse.The cruise control is fed by the same fuses as the engine computer. If the car runs, it is not a blown fuse.

It depends what fuse but yes it is possible. If it is the ignition fuse then yeah your car won't start. If it is the fuse for your horn, yeah the car will still start.

Sure it will start with a blown head gasket. But, if you continue to run this engine with a blown head gasket you will destroy the engine.

before starting engine,place car in neutral with car in neutral ,start engine shiftlock should now be bypassed ps:if shiftlock is a problem, check the fuse a blown fuse will cause shiftlock to not work

Some vehicles have an engine continuence fuse in one of your fuse boxes. look on the back of the lid to see if your car has one it might be blown. change it if there is one and that might solve your problem

if the lights inside your van dont turn on as well that means your alternator fuse is blown, headlights and taillights will work but the car wont start until you replace the fuse. fuse is located in the engine bay at the front area by the radiator.

the last person to answer this queston is a depends on what fuse. there are main engine fuses under the hood that could prevent the car from starting...these are the ones that dont look like fuses you can buy at walmart...they are quite large and high amperage.

Yoer engine will not provide a regular speed you will start smoking and you car will make a weird sound

check to see if the fuse for the fan is blown. it should be under youer car hood

usually not....the engine will start, but will run rough and/or overheat

You know your car has blown a fuse if whatever the fuse is for suddenly quits working. For example if your radio is playing and for no reason quits it may be a fuse has blown.

Yes, it will start. But know that every minute you run the engine you are doing damage.

This is most likely a simple fix. Check the fuse panels inside the car and in the engine compartment for a blown fuse.

Check the following 1) Is your horn working?? 2) Does your cooling fan cluth engage when you start your ingnition?? If your answer to either or Both is 'NO' then check for a blown fuse in your fuse compartment and replace it. Otherwise it might be a mechanical problem, engine might require tuning.

Not while it is in the fuse holder. Pull it out and if you cannot look and tell if it is blown or not, test it with an Ohm meter.

Does the car door have a key slot and do you have a key for it or not

Yes, it just depends on which fuse.

Open fuse box, locate correct fuse using the fuse diagram, and replace the blown fuse.

things don't work is the obvious answer.

Power is not being supplied to the clock when the car is turned off. It could be a blown fuse.

If replacing the main fuse does not make the repair, it is likely another fuse is also blown. Sometimes fuses will blow all along a circuit.

It cAn be 1 of many things blown fuse from the batery to the fuse box could also be ur alternator did ur lights turn off or are they still on

your engine compartment does not have any fuses in it to control the panel lites if its not the fuse it might be the headlamp switch,or power to it

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