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Where is a good place to meet someone if you're looking for a boyfriend?


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June 03, 2007 1:36AM

A well established bible believing church with active young or older adult groups. Also be sure that the people have warm genuine hearts and smilin' faces. Then get involved.

Personally, ....I certainly wouldn't go to one to meet a mate! Yuchy type of people to me. But, I'll bet they say that about me.

Try golf, fishing too. do things you enjoy....learn about things you like to do....antiques? How do you restore them? What makes them good? Ever consider how that paint job on that old car got so smooth? Ask. The guy that just majicaly fixed that machine nobody in the office exactly did he do that? Follow your own spirit and likes....and look around, the people doing it along with you like what you do. Not to surprising that they'll like you....and you'll like them!

You know, if all else is always an ice breaker.