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Where is a good soccer club in England where you can get started?

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Any junior club in England would be better than playing in the States and most of them have open try outs. It's just a matter of knowing the right people to set the try outs up. You might want to try and play for a Super-Y League team and excel in that level before you head overseas.

2004-12-10 06:57:00
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What is better Sikh sports club or malton soccer club?

both are good but malton soccer club is better

Are England good at soccer?

no way

How do you sell a talented soccer player to a professional soccer club?

You contact the club, and then they try out the player, and if hes good enough, he'll buy him.

What are some good soccer facts?

it was invented in England

What are the benefits of club soccer?

good discusstion from wayland MA soccer site

Who is the best soccer club in Saudi Arabia?

They dont have a good club! They just sell petrol and get money ;)

Who is a good defender in soccer?

John Terry of Chelsea and England.

What is a soccer scout?

A soccer scout is a person who is employed by a football club to travel from club to club watching training sessions and matches and they have an eye for talent. They report back to their club if there are any good players they should try and sign.

Where do you study to become a soccer player in England?

You don't study to become a soccer player. You practice your skills depending on what position you play. Normally the big clubs in England will send scouts to find the best players around the world. So play for a a club and maybe you will be spotted if your good enough.

Are soccer players good at soccer?

It depends at what level and in what country they play in. Professional soccer players are obviously good and even the lowest division of football in England are better than people who enjoy a kick-about in the park. Those who play soccer full time or part time are good at football, otherwise the club wouldn't sign them. Even supposedly soccer "flops" such as Fernando Torres and Stewart Downing are brilliant footballers and would dominate a soccer game of a lower level.

Why is the soccer club aysa so good?

because they have asa cronic and george rodi

How much do FIFA soccer players make?

Soccer players are like any other athletes. Their pay depends on how good of a player they are, what club they play for, and how much money that club actually has to pay him.

Is Peyton smith good at soccer?

I'm assuming you mean steve smith's son. If you do, then yes, he is very good at soccer. He plays premier level soccer for a highly competitive club as a forward. So yeah.

Soccer teams with ages under 20?

in nebraska there are good soccer teams under the age of 20 if you are in the range of 10 to about 15 then go for viva it is a boy and girl club then if you want just a girl soccer club go for toro that is some professional training. i prefer the toro soccer club i liked it the best great coaches!

Is the national soccer team of England good?

no , Germany is better and Spain is the best

What is ISC Storm?

ISC Storm is a soccer club in Centerville, Ohio. They are really good! If you love soccer, then go tryout for ISC Storm...

What are some good cell phone signatures about soccer?

I like to use signatures like the name of my soccer club/team as well as these:Eat, sleep, soccerLive, love, soccerAll day I dream about soccerSoccer + (whatever your number is)SOCCER ROX!!!!

What Scottish soccer club would be good to follow?

Celtic or rangers. They are the best teams in Scotland.

How well did New England trade with England?

very good, as Alice southwood readed loads a club penguin !

Can you become a professional soccer player by playing club soccer at your college?

Yes, If you have soccer teachers that are professional coaches or coach state representative teams then yes PS. But only if you are EXTREMELY good

Requirements for being a professional soccer player?

You'd need to be very good and have signed a professional contract with a club.

Will Pepperdine University get a mens soccer team in the next 4 years?

They should do it. Their club team is very good :)

How good is the Algerian soccer team?

Algeria is cool. They nearly beat crappy team named "england"

What sports is England famous for?

mainly soccer,but England also invented Baseball, Golf and other sports.. They also produce many good boxers.

Which club is the best in soccer?

No, it can't be Barcelona. It is a good club, but these are the best clubs you can have: Man. United, Chelsea, Liverpool, Arsenal, R. Madrid, AC Milan and Barcelona