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Alkali metals are placed on extreme left in the periodic table.These elements are placed in group-1 of the periodic table.

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Q: Where is alkali metals located on the periodic table and their group number?
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What is the group number of alkali earth metals?

Alkali earth metals are placed in the second group of the periodic table of Mendeleev.

What is the group number of alkali metals in the periodic table?

The alkali metals are group 1, also known as group 1A.

Why do alkali metals have an oxidation number of plus 1?

Alkali metals are located in group 1 of the periodic table. They tend to donate their outermost electron to form a stable cation. The oxidation number of these cations is +1.

Which group number is the alkali metal group?

Alkali metals are in the group 1 of the periodic table of elements.

In what group is the most reactive metal located on the periodic table?

This is the group 1, the alkali metals.

What is the group number for francium?

Francium is in the group 1 (alkali metals) of the periodic table.

What group does the alkali metals belong to?

Crack a book and look at a periodic table. The group is the number at the top of the verticle columns. Alkali metals are group 1A.

The group number and name where you will find sodium on the periodic table?

Group 1, Alkali Metals

Why is there a pattern in melting points with alkali metals?

because there is a higher number of atoms in the alkali metals meaning the ones lower in the periodic table are more prone to melting easily

Where is hydrogen located on the periodic table?

It is located in Group 1, also known as the Alkali metals and Lithium family, Period 1, with an atomic number of 1 and a representative symbol of "H".

What column number on the periodic table are elements called alkali metals?

This is the group 1.

Where on the periodic table is sodium found?

Sodium is Na on the periodic table. Element number 11, Group 1 (Alkali Metals) Period 3

What is Li in periodic table of elements?

Li stands for Lithium.It has atomic number 3.It belongs to Group1 of Alkali metals.

Where is francium on the periodic table?

The position of francium in the periodic table of Mendeleev is: group 1 (alkali metals) and period 7; the atomic number of francium is 87.

What is the class of francium on the periodic table?

Position of francium in the Periodic Table of Mendeleev: group 1 (alkali metals), period 7, atomic number 87.

What is the number beside the alkali metals called?

The number usually shown on the periodic table is the atomic number of the element, the number of protons, and therefore the number of electrons in the neutral atom.

What is the oxidation number of alkali metals?


What is oxidation number of alkali metals?


What is the valence number for sodium?

Sodium (Na) has a total of 1 valence electrons. It lies in group 1 of the periodic table, the alkali metals.

Group of elements with the same number of valence electrons?

Group I (alkali metals) and group II (earth-alkali metals)

What is the group number for Alkali Metals?

Group 1

What is the number of valence electrons in alkali metals?


Why are the transition metals located in the center of the periodic table?

The transition metals are located in the center of the periodic table because that is how the table is set up. It is in order from the elements' number of protons, least to greatest. And because of the number of protons, atoms that are similar are placed together.

What is the number of valence electrons for Alkali Earth Metals?

Alkali Earth metals have a single valence electron, and are found in the first group.

Which hand side are metals on a periodic table?

left mostly. although there is 1 nonmetal, the metals are located on the far left side. there are also transition metals which are located in the center. but there are some semimetals located on the right side. there is no set place for all the metals do to that the periodic table is organzied by atomic mass and number of protons.

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