Where is all of the missing stuff on early Poptropica in Poptropica?

when you arrive on the island go to the right then go down the well and jump to the left and push the box down then there is another box so do the same. then push them on to a different ledge thing and jump on them to get the light stick. go back to the arriving road and go down into the sour. then go down and you will see the pig. go to the left and go through the maze. here is how to get through the maze. go to the left go up, go to the very end and go up,go to the right go up,go to the LEFT and get the golden egg.after you have the egg go to the right and go up,go to the right go up, go LEFT and go to the very END and go up,then go up the last rope you see! go to the rooftop restaurant and go up the vine.click the giants feet and then he will let you go right.go to the end of area and then you get the bucket! and go right. go over ever thing and get a jet pack and go back to the left. go over the shovel and go down the hole. you got the flag! go and return them to there owners and your down!