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The RJ11 is found in all new homes the jack is found on a wall.


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Which connectors is used to connect a network cable to a network card?

Depends on the standard being used, but it will either be an: RJ11 or RJ45 connection jack.

How many pins are there in RJ11 ports?

RJ11(Registered Jack-11) has 4 to 6 pins. Generally 4 ports are there in RJ11.

What does a RJ11 cable do?

An RJ11 cable connects a telephone to a telephone jack, which provides the telephone with a dial tone.

What type of connection does a telephone jack use?


Which two laptop ports are used primarily for communication and network connection?

LAN (RJ45) and modem (RJ11).

Can I use a cat5 cable to connect to my old dial up modem?

You can have a Cat-5 line coming from another telephone jack or the Network Interface Device, but the Cat-5 line must connect to a jack, to let you connect an RJ11 phone line to the modem.

What type of cableline jack is found on an Ethernet network interface card?

The jack is called a RJ-45.

What types of cables are used with RJ11 connectors?

A Phone Line is terminated with an RJ11 connector.

Does one majic jack cover all phones in your home?

Yes it does work with all phones. Plug the jack into the usb port and the other end has a rj11 standard Telephone connection. Backfeed into any rj11 jack in the house. if all the house wiring is wired together at the NID outside then you are ready to go. If the old phone line is still connected at the NID going to the pole disconnect it. Terry in Florida

What type of connector does a modem use?

RJ11radio jack 11 is a connector for connecting telephone lines to modemLAN uses RJ45

What type of connector is used to plug a telephone line in to a modem?

Rj11goes from phone jack to modem. rj45 goes from modem to computer.

Difference between rj11 and rj45?

Both RJ11 and RJ45 are registered jacks. However, there are only four wires inside of an RJ11 and eight inside of an RJ45. Fundamentally, they can be universally exchanged, however.

What does RJ stands for in computer networking?

RJ stands for Registered Jack . Some example of registered jacks are RJ9, RJ11, RJ12, RJ45 etc.

What is the different between rj11 and rj45?

An RJ11 connector is used for telephones, and an RJ45 connector is used for computer networks, and VoIP telephones. An RJ11 connector only has 2 pins, and an RJ45 connector has 8 pins.

Why RJ11 is not used in LAN instead of RJ45?

The simple answer is that there aren't enough wires; RJ11 has 4 wires, and RJ-45 uses 8 wires. In addition, the RJ11 wire is not twisted, so there is a problem with crosstalk.

What part is used to connect to the internet on computer?

NETWORK INTERFACE CARD (NIC) - with RJ45 Connector & MODEM with RJ11 Connector is used to connect to the Internet on Computer.

How many wires does the RJ11 has?

The RJ-11 jack has four pins on it but, in normal application, only two are used - the center two, called ring and tip.

What is the rj-45 network Jack?

A rj-45 network jack is to connect your printer to a wireless hub/router with a cable therefore making it wireless. If your printer already has a network adapter installed, it is considered network-ready. If your printer is ready for a wired network, you'll see an RJ-45 jack (which looks like a wide telephone jack), on the back.

Analog modem use which type of connector?


What is the wire called which is connected to the modem?

RJ11 Cable

How many pins in rj11?

there are total 4 pins.

What does the RJ11 andRJ45 cable use for?

RJ45 is a 8 pin connector used on networking(ethernet) cables RJ11 is 6 pin connector used on telephone cables in the USA

What does a RJ11 cable do for a computer?

rj11 cable is usually used for a phone line so for computers this particular cable can be used to connect to a dial up connection or dsl connection

Can you convert RJ11 into RJ45 If so What is needed?

No, a conversion can not be made due to the different size of cables that each terminal end uses. An RJ45 uses a Cat , 8 wire cable where as a RJ11 uses a smaller 4 wire cable. The sockets for the RJ45 will be too wide to allow a RJ11 connector to securely connect to it.

Which type of connector does a dial-up modem use?