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Where is an inertia switch on a 1994 Cadillac?


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2008-07-10 05:07:42
2008-07-10 05:07:42

There is no "inertia switch" like on the FORD's. The fuel pump is activated by a dual circuit... engine's computer (PCM) activates the fuel pump relay which in turn powers the fuel pump & after the engine's oil pressure reaches 4.5 lbs, the oil pressure switch also provides power to the fuel pump. Normally, the PCM will prime the fuel pump for about 3-4 seconds when the ignition key is cycled from "Off" to "RUN". The computer keeps the fuel pump relay on as long as there is a RPM signal going to the computer.

Totally different from the FORD concept where there is a "JAR" switch or inertial switch located in the trunk of most passenger cars & in the passenger's "kick panel" on most trucks. Here the switch is turned off in case of a violent "jolt" to the car ... like a rear end collision.


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It is not equipped with an inertia switch.

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Cadillac does not use inertia switches.

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Ford vehicles have this switch, no GM vehicle use an inertia switch.

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where is the inertia switch on a 626 maza 1994

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The 2003 Cadillac Escalade does not have an inertia switch. These most often need to be reset after a new fuel pump is installed.

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