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Where is angle falls?

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Angel Falls is in the Canaima National Park, Venezuela

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What are facts Angle Falls?

angle falls is the largest waterfall in the world by dc

Why is angle falls called angle falls?

it is at a vertex that is what would make sence

Does Sunlight falls on everything equally or at an angle?

at an angle

Where and what is angle falls?

at a vertex

When was angle falls made?


What was the time that Jimmy Angle found Angle falls?

November 16, 1933

What contintent is angle falls on?

On the (south) American continent

What countery is Angle Falls in?

Angel Falls, the worlds tallest known waterfalls are in Venezuela, in South America.

What is an 80 degree angle?

An 80 degree angle is an acute angle. Any angle measurement that falls below 90 is acute while anything above is obtuse.

What is the hight of the highest waterfall?

3,212- Angle Falls *height

What is the area of angle falls?

your mom cause shes that fat

What is the angle of incidence when a ray falls normally on a mirror?

0 degrees

What is the angle of reflection when a ray falls normally on a plane mirror?


What is the maximum angle until a person falls flat on the floor?


What degre3e is the angle of reflection if a ray falls normally on a plane mirror?


How tall is angle falls?

Angel Falls is the highest waterfall in the world, located in Venezuela. The waterfall is 979 meters tall, or 3,212 feet.

What is the smallest waterfall in the world?

angle falls 1 meter tall or 3 feet

What is the angle of incidence when a ray of light falls normal to mirror?

It is the angle at which the incoming light beam strikes the mirror. 'Normal' means 'perpendicular', and the 'angle of incidence' is defined as the angle with respect to the normal. These two facts can serve as powerful clues.

What does angle of incidence meen?

It is the direction which a moving line falls upon another. For example, the angle at which the wing is fixed to the fuselage of an aeoplane measuring relative to the axis of the fuselage

Why ray of light not bend when it falls perpendicularly on any surfaces?

I think you would have to say that it does ... the portion that's not absorbed is bent exactly 180 degrees from its original path. The result of perpendicular incidence is perfectly consistent with the general rule of reflection that says the angle of reflection is equal to the angle of incidence. In the case where the ray of light falls perpendicularly on the reflecting surface, the angle of incidence ... the angle between the arriving path and the normal ... is zero, and so is the angle of reflection. So what's the problem ?

When does cos X equal sin X?

When the angle X = 45 or 225 degrees, or any other angle that falls at the same position as one of these angles in polar coordinates.

The angle of incedence is equal to the angle of reflection?

This is the second law of reflection phenomenon. So if a ray falls normally on the reflecting mirror then the angle of incidence will be 0. So as the angle of reflection also is to be 0, the ray just retraces its path. That is it is coming back in the same straight line.

What is the angle an object falls from?

if you let go of a stone and allow it to fall it will accelerate toward the earths centre of gravity

Why is the temperature at the equatorwarmer than the temperature at the poles?

In Equator Sunlight falls perpendicularly, while at poles it falls at a steep angle, thus decreasing in intensity An easy way to understand this is as follows : In the morning, the sunlight falls at a steep angle. Thats because that place is curved away from the sun. So mornings are cooler and darker. As the day progresses the angle becomes more perpendicular and it gets brighter and warmer. At the poles the entire day is like a morning. The Sun never got a chance !

Is angle falls really the highst waterfull in the world?

Angel Falls (Salto Ángel) in Venezuela is indeed the highest waterfall in the world. At a height of 3230 feet, it has an uninterrupted fall of 2647 feet.

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