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It wil be marked on the barrel.

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Goes beyond published data. You will have to call Browning.

It will be marked on the barrel or receiver. Most likely Japan or Portugal.

according to Browning Service and a local gunsmith - YES

No it does not. The Browning BPS Hunter is a shotgun. The "410" signifies the shell size (guage) in this case .410

A recent article could not be located. You might try the link below to a string of comments on the gun by shooters and owners of the model.

That is a Browning BPS Hunter 12ga made in 1988. Value is going to be $250-$300.

your browning was made in 1976.

It could be that you have a A-bolt hunter model I,But I am not 100%certain.I can say that your browning bolt action rifle was made in the year 1979 by the two letters in the serial number(RN).

Answer The current offering of barrel choices By Browning for the BPS Hunter does not include 32" barrels. Perhaps one could be found on the aftermarket. Check the link for the current Browning specs

Your browning sweet sixteen was made by browning in 1954.

Your Browning A-500 hunter will range in price from 275-375 dollars for a shotgun showing between 60%-90% of it,s original finish and a good bore.

Your browning sweet sixteen was made by browning in 1959.

Your browning sweet sixteen was made for browning in 1922 by FN of belguim.

Depends on what application it was ported for and by what process.

Go to and select customer service.

The .50 cal Browning Machine Gun cartridge made for the US military with a silver painted tip is Armor Piercing Incendiary

The Sako made Browning rifles were made from 1959 to 1974.

You have an Amwerican Browning made by Remington for Browning during WWII. It was made in 1947.

Your browning sixteen gauge shotgun was made by FN for browning in 1949.