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mays landing

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Q: Where is chilli dad from in new Jersey?
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Who is Chilli frm TLC dad?

Abdul ali

What did the New Jersey colony eat?

your mom with a side of your dad and grandma

Where was jazmine mueller born?

Jazmine mueller was born in trenton new jersey. Her moms whole side of the family were born in new jersey. Her dad side was born in Brooklyn new york.

What important people lived in the New Jersey colony before 1775?

Sir george caterets dad was one of the famous people that lived in the new jersey colony befor 1775

Is a jersey named after New Jersey?

No, New Jersey is named after the European Jersey. That's why it's called 'new' jersey.

What happened to Chris Brown's dad?

his mom and his dad got divorced so his dad stayed back in tappahanok with his sister and cousin. while chris and his mom moved to new jersey to be closer to the recording place

What is information on New Jersey?

Information on New Jersey could be demographics (race of people in an area, population, etc.), this could the history of New Jersey, famous people from New Jersey, pollution in New Jersey, and industry in New Jersey.

Which is larger Maryland or New Jersey?

New Jersey

Trenton New Jersey is located in what region of New Jersey?

Central New Jersey

Red head with yellow body bird in New Jersey?

I recently caught one in my yard. My dad says its a lovebird.

Why does the jersey devil only land in New Jersey?

it is from new jersey

How do you pronounce 'New Jersey'?

New as in "New Car" and Jersey as in "Football Jersey". (NEYW) (JER_SEE)!

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College of New Jersey is located in the state of New Jersey.

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There is no place called New Jersey, New Jersey. There is a place called Jersey City, New Jersey. It is in the northern part of the state, just north of Bayonne, East of Newark, and south of Secaucus.

What was New Jersey named?

New Jersey

Why did you New Jersey as a name?

New Jersey

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Jersey City, New Jersey.

Where was colonial New Jersey located?

Where New Jersey is located. New Jersey was part of the Middle Colonies.

How long does it take to travel from NYC to New Jersey by road?

where in New jersey? waldwick new jersey

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the new jersey nhl team is the new jersey devils

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Newark Airport is in New Jersey (in Newark, New Jersey).

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what were hardships of early new jersey what were hardships of early new jersey

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New Jersey.

Is Im from New Jersey the song for New Jersey?

NOI'm from jersey is not the song for new jersey