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Usually, you can find the routing diagram for the serpentine belt under the hood of the vehicle. Most common locations are on the shock towers, or the plastic cover on top of the radiator support, near the hood latch. If you cannot locate the diagram, your best (easiest)bet is to purchase a Haynes repair manual at the local auto parts store.

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Q: Where is diagram for 94 cavalier alternator belt?
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How do you install a power steering belt on a 94 Chevy Cavalier?

There is no standalone "power steering belt" on a 94 cavalier, just one long serpentine belt. There is a diagram in front of the motor on the passenger side right next to the prop rod. That diagram shows proper belt routing.

Where is the belt tentioner located on a 94 cavalier?

The belt tensioner for a 94 Cavalier is mounted on the front of the engine. The tensioner is spring loaded on an arm to keep the belt tight.

Drive belt on alternator wont turn on 94 corolla?

The drive belt on the alternator of a 94 Toyota Corolla won't turn if the bearing has seized. The alternator will need to be replaced.

Does a 94 Chevy Cavalier have an timing belt?

NO, it has a timing chain.

Where can you find the automatic tension adjuster for the alternator belt on your 1994 Cavalier?

Our '94 Cavalier does not have a tension bolt, it simply needs the rightinstallation, as per the diagram on the car. After scraping off the crudwe could see the diagram. The belt doesn't go in a 'loop' fashion, it loops around the first few thanUP to a pulley and DOWN to last pulley then across to front. . Moncton Motors :-) The center pulley is the "tension" pulley you have to push it down to get the belt on. I also take the top bolt out of the alternator and loosen the bottom one so I can move it forward a little to get it on. I'm a girl and I don't have the muscle power to do it the other way. I also. :-)

Do you have a Diagram of serpentine belt for 94 ranger 4.0?

there is usually a diagram under the hood

Where is a serpentine belt diagram for a 94 Oldsmobile 88?

My 1992 Olds Delta 88 has the serpentine belt diagram on the top of the radiator

How do you change the alternator belt on a 94 GEO Prizm?

You can change the alternator belt, on your 1994 General Motors vehicle, by loosening the tensioner pulley. The loosened the tensioner pulley will create slack in the belt. Remove the belt and replace with a new belt.

How do you replace an alternator on a 94 buick lesabre how do you get the alternator off the belt is in the way how do you losen the belt to get the alternator off?

Check out which has online repair manuals. The manual (which is almost a copy of chilton's manual) says to rotate the tensioner and pull off the belt before removing the alternator.

Battery light stayed on 94 ford excort?

Bad alternator or loose or broken belt.

A belt diagram for a 94 Pontiac 3800 supercharged Bonneville?

It's in your owners manual

On a 94 Chevy Cavalier if it's not the alternator or the serpentine belt both replaced but there is a whining noise and the car goes dead what is it?

Have you tried replacing the tensener pulling, it has a bearing inside it that should allow the roller to spin. They are not very expensive.

Do you have a 94 mercury cougar xr7 serpentine belt diagram?

The Haynes Repair Manuals would have a diagram of the serpentine belt on a 94 Mercury Cougar XR7. You can find the manual at your local library, book store, or most auto parts stores.

How do you release tension on the power steering belt in order to change it on a 1994 Mazda Protege?

i need to change my alternator belt and don't know where the tension wheel is so i can take off the other belt to replace the alternator belt on my 94 Mazda protege 1.6l

How do you install an alternator belt on a '94 Grand AM?

you losten the belt with the tensioner pulley. it is located below and to the rear of the alternator. it will take a 13mm box end wrench and I also use a 17mm box end for leverage. you will pull the wrench toward the rear of the car and slide the belt off of the alternator.

Why after changing your alternator do you have some sort of scraping clunking ticking noise Its not the alternator maybe have knocked something else 94 Hyundai scoupe 1.5 L engine?

Did you check if the belt is on the pullys right ? A belt that isn't on the groves right will cause a rubbing. or you might have a alternator with bad bearings. or the belt is to tight.

How do you change alternator 94 Lincoln mark viii?

its on top of the engine in the center, there are two bults that hold it on, reduse tention on the belt tentioner to get the belt off it

Where can you find the belt routing diagram for a 94 LeBaron GTC convertible?

what confuses most is the way the belt loops around the tensioner, the belt goes around the steering pump and crankshaft pulley, under the idler pulley, under the belt tensioner pulley and finally with the tensioner compressed around the alternator. the idler and belt tensioner wheels both get the flat backside of the belt. use your imagination. if you have too much slack, which is the route that will use up the most belt?? the 94' and 95' Chrysler Lebaron are fairly the same in serpentine belt order, although you may find a variation or two. The diagram is as thus... Sorry about the link, but wikianswers does not support images

How do you change alternator on 94 V6 camaro?

remove negative battery cable. remove electrical connectors from alternator. remove belt. remove bolts holding alternator, I believe there are two, then remove the alternator. Installation is reverse. very easy job.

How many alternator amps 94 corolla 1.8?

hi in 94 corolla 80 amps alternator

How do you remove the serpentine belt pulley on a 94 3.1 Chevy lumina alternator?

under the alternator you will see a automatic belt tensioner you use a extra long 3/8 inch square breaker bar or a 3/8 ratchet wrench with a pipe extension the pulley is spring loaded so pull until belt loosens and pulls off do the same to put back on make sure there is a belt diagram on water pump pulley cover before you go nuts trying to figure out where belt goes make sure belt is on every pulley groove or belt will chew up and fly off

How do you put the serpentine belt on a 1995 Lincoln continental?

If it's like the 94 there is a diagram on cover plate for over the fan. The tensioner is in the back and should be loosened to remove the belt.

Where can i find a diagram on how to put on the serpentine belt on a 94 mustang 302?

In a mechanic's manual - sometimes you can buy one from a Ford dealer

What is the firing order for 94 chevy cavalier?

firing order for Chevy cavalier

How do you change the belt on a 94 Trans Am?

There should be a routing diagram under the hood of the car or in your owners manual, to get the belt off you need to pull or push the belt tensioner with a wrench or a rachet to take the tension off the belt so it will come off and once off the new belt installs like the diagram shows and once in place you release the belt tensioner against the belt to tighten it up.