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Where is fob derived from?


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as an acronym : Free On Board- for example an automobile that is crated for shipment from the factory, hence FOB Detroit. Aas a noun like watch fob it is unknown but might be a nicknack word from another language, the German equivalent is Bierziphal which defies translation though the first part refers to Beer, not a coffin stand! actually its Bierziful.something like that.


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the key fob battery is the battey in a key fob torch

Fob stands for Fresh Of The Boat. FOB is a term for a new person in the country that stands out

the fob may need recoding to the vehicle, if you still have the second fob then point and operate this fob at the receiver (by the interior mirror) and operate the faulty fob at the same time, this should bring the second fob back into sinc. robb

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A key fob is for instance a mini card on your keyring, for instance I have a tesco's clubcard key fob on my keyring therefore when I put petrol in my car and pay at the checkout instead of finding my clubcard I get my key fob!

Remove the valet key from the fob and behind it is a small Phillips screw. After that the fob will split and the battery is visible.

you must have a working fob first . take the second fob and place it in the holdr of your center console take the key and put it in the door unlock door 5 times you will see new fob recognized take fob out and press door lock twice all done

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A small battery that fits in a key fob or remote.

- CIF is Cost, Insurance and Freight - FOB is Free on Board

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