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Where is fuel filter on 98 Chevy truck cheyenne 350 engine?



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most all fuels filters on Chevy trucks are on the inside frame rail, on the driver's side, just about right uner where the driver's door is. It is round with a line coming in and a line going out and it is usually attached to the frame rail by a strap that you just loosen. Each line into/out of the fuel filter will have a threaded not on it, Use flare wrenchs on these so you don't round them off. You can use an adjustable to hold the filter while you undo the nuts at either end.Prepare for some fuel spillageRemove the gas cap from your tank to take some of the pressure off the line.Make sure when you put the new one on, you see where the inlet and outlet ends are. The fuel filter is usually marked with an arrow or the word flow on it