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I'm sure they started to put the fuel pumps in the gas tanks by then. If not look on the drivers side of the motor on the front side. The old ones were terrable to get to. But I'm sure yours has it in the gas tank.

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โˆ™ 2005-11-01 20:53:52
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Q: Where is fuel pump located on your 1994 Ford Ranger X-Cab?
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Why would the 4 wheel drive on a 1992 Ford Ranger Xcab not engage when the floor mount lever is pulled?

IF it has a vacume actuator on the axle-maybe no Vac or 12 Volts IF IT has Locking HUBS they Freeze up from not being used---- ? sometimes ? U can go from Drive to Reverse (a few times) to free up the locking gears inside the HUBS.

What is the procedure in removing starter from 1999 frontier 4x4 with V6 and xcab? has online manuals you can access for free

What is the original transmission in 2003 Chevy pickup xcab 4wd truck?

call Chevy dealer parts with your vin

How much does a 1986 Chevrolet s10 2.8L v6 weigh?

the same as a boat anchor!! LOL i have a 86 s10 2.8 xcab 4x4 and im trying to find the same thing. sticker on the door is their but the only thing legible is the "born on" date. so far i found 4500lbs but i just read a 1997k1500 xcab with 350 weighs in at 4700 so 4500 cant be right. if yours is also on the "rust through diet" I know it`ll weigh less anyway lol

How do you gain access to the rear speakers in a 1997 Chevy silverado xcab Can you splice into the speaker wires elswhere?

on drivers side rear pull the storage bucket out of the back seat and the speaker wires and the cab light wires run through there

What bucket seats can replace 6040 bench in 1997 Toyota T100 xcab?

I just got a set of 97 t100 buckets from the auto dismantler I had a split bench and the bolts match up except for the drivers side Rt. front and the passenger side Lt rear bolts. Re-drill and use bolt and nut w/ a lock washer. Works great.

How big is a 1991 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 gas tank?

I need to order a new gas tank for my 91 chevy k1500 v.8 fl inj. xcab. need picture or part number so I am able to order. thank you so much. Looks like 25 gallons. Sometimes you can get good deals at websites like or similar.

Where is the heater blend door acuator on a 1999 Dodge Ram 1500 and how do you replace it?

I just worked on a 1997 Ram Xcab 4x4 last night. 'm not sure if it is the same but- The blend door was actuated by a cable and was located on top of the heater box assembly just beside the actual heat coil. The dash must be removed before it can be accessed. It is really not too bad. I removed the heat coil and checked/cleaned it and then reassembled everything in about 3 hours. The blend door didn't have any problems on my truck. The actual problem was in the heat coil. It was not installed correctly in the box.

What is the towing capacity for a 1993 gmc sierra 1 2 ton 5 7Eng 411 rear end ext cab SB?

i was wondering well i have a 1993 gmc body style is club cab pickup model is xcab i was wondering is it a 5.7 or not and is it a v8 because if it is why dont the picup have alot of power the engine is rebuilt and the tranny was rebuilt too i was wondering how come it dosent have alot of power

Will a 1991 Toyota sr5 4x4 transmission with a 6 cylinder fitin a 1989 Toyota xcab 4x4 4 cylinder?

It can fit if it is a manual 5speed and you swap out the v-6 bellhousing with a 22ret (22r turbo) bellhousing but good luck finding one they are hard to come by! No... only a 6 cylinder tranny will bolt to a 6 cylinder motor as same for a 4 cylinder tranny to a 4 cylinder motor but it can go in either a truck or 4runner.

1986 Nissan XCab 140K feels like it has a Briggs 5HP on hills or freeway Replaced air and oil filters PVC plugs wires cap rotor PVC Fuel treatments seem to help a little?

Idea: I had a "1986.5" model which had plenty of power but my 2000 Frontier model requires very close monitoring of the transmission fluid. Could be a number of things. As you have stated that fuel treatments help a little, I would do two things. First replace the fuel filter. Then purchase a can of Seafoam fuel injector cleaner. This is way stronger than the cheap stuff you purchase at WalMart. Advance Auto Parts has it or you may find it at NAPA. Cost around $6 per can. I would buy two cans and give it two treatments. Follow the instructions on the can. CHECK FOR STOPPED UP CATALYTIC CONVERTER! Have you checked your compression lately.also make sure one of your valves aren't too tight.