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Where is fuse 63 on a 2000 Ford Focus?


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2006-04-19 14:32:32
2006-04-19 14:32:32

Fuse 63- central lock module - is located on the back of the passenger compartment fuse panel. You need to remove the panel to access the module and fuse.


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It's "hidden" - mounted on the REVERSE side of the dashboard fuse panel which is located under the dash to the left of the steering column. You must unfasten the fuse panel and drop it so that you can get to the fuse on the back.

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Under the bonnet there is a fuse bow near the bulkhead. Fuse number 63 is central locking. Its a 20 amp fuse.

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It is on the fuse panel located under the dashboard on the drivers side - FUSE 63 is located on the BACK of the fuse panel (as you look at it). The panel must be un-fastened - then you can turn it around to gain access to it. A VERY poor design! Good luck

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It is on the the fuse panel located behind the dash to the left of the steering column. It is Fuse # 63 and it is on the BACK of the fuse panel. You have to unfasten the fuse panel from its mounting to get to it. A BAD design flaw. There are two hex-head screws that I can see. Behind all that good stuff?

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Focus 2000. Fuse box is behind the glove compartment. The fuse is No 63 yellow 20Amp for central locking. This fuse is situated on the back of the fuse box. the fuse box has to be released via 2 screws and then turned around. Not very easy in the space available. Helps if you cut a couple of the cable ties.

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