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Located in the passenger compartment near steerling wheel. Pull panel to see the fuse box which one is for the radio?

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Q: Where is fuse box on a Nissan Sentra?
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Where is the location of fuse of the stereo in Nissan Sentra 2002 model?

Try the fuse box

Where is the fuse for the gauges in a 2004 Nissan Sentra?

Where is the fuse for the gauges in a 2004 nissan sentra?

Where is the horn fuse on a Nissan Sentra?

The horn fuse is located in a box under the hood near the battery.

Where is the Radio fuse for 2003 Nissan sentra se located?

it is located in the in cab fuse box labeled as mirror.

Keyless entry and dome light does not work in Nissan sentra?

If the dome light and the keyless entry system does not work on a Nissan Sentra it is possible there is blown fuse. The fuse box is found in the passenger compartment.

Where is the widshield wiper fuse for a 2000 Nissan sentra?

The 2000 Nissan windshield wiper fuse is located in the fuse box. The windshield wiper fuse will be in the second column, third from the top.

Where is the power window fuse located in Nissan Sentra 2001?

In the fuse box under the hood, right next to the battery

Can I get a copy of the Fuse box diagram chart for 2003 Nissan Sentra?

You can get a copy of the fuse box diagram chart for the 2003 Nissan Sentra online at places like Modified Life and Car Care Kiosk. You can also find these diagrams on the inside of the fuse box cover or in the Chilton's manual for that year and model of vehicle.

Where can i find Diagram of a fuse box pannel for the 1997 Nissan sentra gxe?

The diagram for the fuse box panel for this car is found in the owners manual. It is also found on the cover of the fuse box.

Where is the fuse box located on a 2004 Nissan sentra?

drivers side up under dash by steering colum

Which fuse controls the temperature and fuel gauges in a 1989 Nissan Sentra XE?

The fuse will be under the hood in a black box of fuses the lid of the box will have a diagram on the inside.

Which fuse on a 2004 Nissan Sentra controls the windshield washer pump?

i like know which fuse controls windshield washer pump in nissan sentra 2004

How do you troubleshoot the parking lights on a 1996 Nissan Sentra?

replace the fuse box for the parking breaks located behind the pedals

Where is the obd plug on a 99 Nissan Sentra?

The OBD plug is located below the fuse box on the inside driver's side.

Where is fuse for cruise control on 1998 Nissan Sentra?

The fuse for the cruise control on a 1998 Nissan Sentra is at the Number 22 spot in the fuse box. This is a 10 Amp. fuse that also controls the horn and steering switch. if the horn still works, check the speed sensor on the transmission or the cruise control module on the carburetor.

Where is the fuse for the cigarette lighters for a 2001 Nissan Sentra SE cannot find it in books or fuse box?

It will be in the fuse box and is normally hooked in with another fuse.It could be interior lights or accessories. Good Luck !!

What fuse is for the horn for a 1997 Nissan Sentra?

Under the hood, there is a small but oblong fuse box to the left of the battery. Unlatch the lid to it, and you'll see several fuses. You can use the lid (it has a fuse guide) to figure out which one if for the horn. On my 96 sentra, it was the red 10A fuse on the top right side of the fuse box. Can't miss it.

Where is the fuse box on 2006 Nissan Titan?

Where is the fuse box on 2006 Nissan tittan

Where is the fuse box on a 2006 Nissan Sentra?

behind the coin holder on the driver side below the steering wheel! u need to pop it out!

Where is the fuse for a 2006 Nissan Sentra Auxiliary Input?

Under the hood

Which Fuse is brake light fuse for a 95 Nissan Sentra?

1995 Nissan Sentra Fuses: Your owner's manual is the best place to locate your fuse box(es) and identify your fuses. Don't rule out that your issue is being caused by a bad bulb too - so check fuses and bulbs. See sources and related links below for bulb information.

Diagram for fuse panel for 1994 Nissan sentra?

The diagram, for a fuse panel, on your 1994 Nissan, can be found on the inside of the fuse panel cover. A diagram can also be obtained from most Nissan dealerships.

Diagram of a 1996 Nissan sentra fuse box?

i put ad battery cable on wrong and it blow sum of da fuses were can i slove this problem

Location of cruise control fuse 1997 Nissan Sentra?

Steering wheel

Where is the fuse for the backup light of a Nissan Frontier and if it is in the fuse box which one is it?

You can find the Nissan backup light fuse in the fuse box. The backup light fuse will be the number 17 fuse.