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Where is heater core for 1998 Ford Expedition?

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Behind dash. To find relative location, look under hood and follow the heater hoses (2) to the firewall. That's it.

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How do you replace a heater core in a 1998 ford expedition?"

how to remove the lines from the heater core on a 2001 expedition

did the heater core start leaking? anyway you should have no problem with the air if you bypass the heater core.

The dash has to be removed. Once the dash is out, the top of the heater case comes off to gain access to the core.

you will have coolant in your passenger front floorboard and when you turn your heater on your windshield will fog up

If the heater is not working in your Eddie Bauer edition Ford Expedition, your heater core is probably junk and needs to be replaced.

just splice the two heater hoses that go through to the heater core the together

i want the video or instruction,how replace the heater core on the ford expedition --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Here is a link to a step by step tutorial with pictures:

the HEATER CORE can be removed by removing the dash. how do i ghange the dash

The most common signs of a bad heater core are; no heat or fluid leaking into the passenger compartment. The heater core can have a leak or it can be plugged.

Take it to a mechanic and say "will you fix the heater core?"

Instualation of a heater core on a 1999 Ford Explorer V6, how do you install the heater core.

It sounds like you have a bad heater core. I would recommend replacing it.

Cost about 1000 - 1200$. This is one of the hardest heater cores to replace.

Remove the two hoses that go through the firewall to the heater. Connect these two hoses together.

drain coolant, disconect heater hose's, remove glove box, remove heater core cover, remove heater core. reverse order to reinstall.

Behind / below the glove compartment , inside the plastic box with the heater core

Follow the heater hoses from the engine, they will lead you the heater core.

What's the best way to change A DASH heater core in a 1999 ford expedition ANSWERE: Its a long process, but I found instructions at the Queegebo website site. They are very good and walk you through step by step with pictures. Here is the link.