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Most heavy, or transition, metals are located in the center of the periodic table. between groups II and III.


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the exact weight is 126.90447 and it's not a metal look on the periodic table.

178.49, just look at the periodic table and you will get your answer.

Tungsten is a transition metal. It's situated below chromium and molybdenum on the periodic table. A link can be found below.

Silicon and germanium are situated in the group 16 of the periodic table.

lithium is the lightest metal in modern periodic table

None; each metal is on the Periodic Table once.

The left side of the periodic table comprises of metals.

Yes there is. About 74% of the periodic table is metals.

No, lead is a heavy metal. Both lead and silicon are two different elements of the periodic table.

yes there are liquid metals on the periodic table. for example mercury

Heavy metals are typically found in the middle of the periodic table. These heavy metals are often also transition metals.

Flourine is the most reactive non metal on the periodic table.

Chlorine is a non-metal. It is placed in group-17 of the periodic table.

Lithium, just look at the periodic table.

It is the periodic table of elements. There are no alloys in it.

IDK how wood i no ask ozzy. hes the one who invented it. well not just him, some others (Iommi, Ward, Butler) Most heavy metals are in the block 'transition elements', although there's a few in 'poor metals' as well.

Francium metal is located in group-1 on the periodic table. Its symbol is Fr.

Hydrogen can be considered as a non metal. It is placed to the left of the periodic table.

The most active metal is francium, in the group 1 of the periodic table of Mendeleev.

Magnesium, on the far left of the periodic table, is a definite metal. Magnesium, on the far left of the periodic table, is a definite metal.

Fe and Cl are chemical elements situated in the periodic table.FeCl2 is a chemical compound.

All the element in group 1 are metals except for hydrogen which if you notice, is not exactly in group 1. It is situated away from the periodic table because it can react as a metal as well as a non metal. Hope this helped...

Sodium is an Alkali Metal, this is group 1 in the periodic table.

The periodic table of the elements is filled mostly with metal elements.

No, bismuth is in the group 15 of the periodic table.

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