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The lightness or darkness of a color

What is a line that is drawn to show the edge and surface ridges of an object

The actual material used to create a work of art

An arched roof that connects walls and creates more open space in a structure

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Yellow and red make


Yellow and blue makes what color

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Describe how you used art elements to create the design principle UNITY

What is unity in art

What are some types of artists that use computers to help them make art

What is formal balance

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Q: Where is ink from?
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What is the boiling point of ink?

The boiling point of ink varies as the ink. And there are many varieties of ink.

What types of ink are found in a printer ink warehouse?

There are different types of ink to be found in a printer ink warehouse. To name a few, you have: waterproof ink, toners, dye-based ink and pigment-based ink.

Where can I get Canon printer ink?

Our printer ink offers a high standard of quality, reliable printing. You will find replacement ink for Canon printers, Brother ink, Epson ink, HP ink, Lexmark ink .

Do you have to drink ink to get ink poisoning?

no, if you draw on yourself with ink and the ink gets into your system then you can get Ink poisoning, however, who in their right minds is going to drink Ink? My mate please help

Can you get ink poising?

you can get ink poisoning by putting ink all over cause ink has poisoning

Can you get ink poisoning from putting ink on in a cut?

No, ink is an inert compound.

Why is e ink better than regular ink?

E ink is better than regular ink because E ink can be used electronically. E ink, since it is used electronically, doesn't require actual ink for a person to use it.

Is black magic ink the same as India ink?

is black magic ink the same as India ink

What's the boiling point of ink?

The boiling point of ink varies as the ink. And there are many varieties of ink.

Does squid ink have iodine in it?

Squid ink does not have iodine in ink

How do squids produce ink?

ink is expelled from their ink sac

What does an ink jet projector do?

an ink jet projector is an projector that is nused for good usage of ink an ink jet projector is an projector that is nused for good usage of ink

Is Brother ink a quality brand for ink cartridges?

Brother ink is a quality brand for ink cartridges. Brother ink is slightly expensive, but it isn't a waste of money. There is other brands of high quality ink brands.

Do pens have oil in them?

No. they have INK in them. eg. blue ink,red ink,

How do you use Dixon pink n ink erasers to remove ink?

They won't remove ink unless it is eraseable ink.

L plus the blue or black liquid you write with?


How do you know if you've got ink poisoning?

You will know if you have ink poisoning because you will of had to ingested alot of ink, or gotten ink in a cut. You will know if you got ink in a cut because it burns and itches

How do you reset ink levels for HP 564 ink cartridge?

To resst the ink levels for Hp 564 ink cartridge the ink must be refilled or replace and then reentered into the printing device. The ink levels should automatically reset.

How much ink is in a standard ink cartridge?

Usually enough ink to print about 250 normal pages. For additional information about conserving ink so your ink cartridges last longer you might want to check out this article at Castle Ink.

How can ink stains be removed from fabric?

It depends on how much ink and what type of ink. I wear lab coat and usually work with black pen ink lines or occasional blot of ink. With this smaller amount ink, hairspray works best for me. I will work it or soak it depending on the ink's response to the stain.

How do you replace ink for epson me 340?

Ink for the Epson ME 340 printer can be replaced by filling the receptacles for the ink. Ink can be purchased for this printer in bottles and a syringe is used to fill the connected tubes with ink. Each ink color has a specific tube.

Something that fills your pen with ink?

an ink cartridge, which has the advantage of keeping the flow of ink steady and prevent smudging of ink on the hands and paper and making the palm dirty with smudges of ink which cannot be washed away completely if the ink is waterproof !

What is Versamark ink?

Versamark ink is a clear, thick pigment ink. It is a slow-drying ink that is used in craft projects such as making cards. The ink is available in cube pads or as a pen.

Is kodak ink the most used ink?

Although, Kodak is a major brand of ink and printers, they are not the most used ink in the world. Lexmark, is the maker of the ink and printers that are most use.

Why does ink overflow when the ink in a pen is about to finish?

Ink has more space to move around when not packed in such a fixed space with more ink