Where is it free to have your 2002 Chevrolet Pickup's computer checked for its check engine light?

If you are looking for free, you will pay more for it in the end. Parts houses sell parts and they are nonrefundable on electrical parts. Save your free and have a certified shop check it for you. Will you work for free?

Some part stores will do it for free. ie. Autozone.

As previously stated, Nothing is free. Example, I own a repair shop. I receive a call and the man says he was at YOUR parts store and was told he needed an EGR valve. A customer behind him says that before you spend $300.00 , you should have a shop check it. He took the advice and came to us. I quoted a $75.00 diagnostic fee and he left the car. We determined it was a vacuum hose bad and replaced it. The customer picked up the car for $75.00 and SAVED $225.00 by having a professional check it out. FREE IS NOT FREE, SOMEWAY YOU WILL PAY.