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AnswerLeather isn't found. It is made by "tanning" the hides of animals. In other words, it's skin, normally taken from cows although it can be made from the hides of many other animals.
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Q: Where is leather found?
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Where do you get leather strappings?

Leather strapping's can be found in the general store on Hoof isle.

What leather or upper leather shoes?

Shoes can be found in leather as well as leather uppers. The all leather shoes will last much longer than other types of shoe materials.

Where can you buy a leather woven handbag?

Leather woven hand bags can be found on several websites. I have recently purchased a DKNY leather woven handbag that was amazing and I found it on a wholesale website.

Where can a replacement leather watch strap be found?

Replacement leather watch straps can be found at department stores such as Nordstrom's and Macy's. More leather watch band options can be found on websites such as All Watch Bands, Amazon, and eBay.

Where can you find fitted leather bedsheets?

Fitted leather bed sheets can be found online.

Where can I purchase leather jackets online?

Leather jackets can be found just about anywhere these days. Leather jackets can be found on,, If you are looking for a more trusted website I would recommend

What glue for leather?

The best glue I've found for leather is Gloozit. I get it in a tube at my hardware store.

Where can one find real leather briefcases?

Real leather briefcases can be found and purchased at Wilson's Leather. You can visit their online store or retail store. They can also be found on Amazon and Overstock if you are looking for other online options.

What elements are in leather?

There are several different elements that are found in leather. Oxygen, carbon, nitrogen, and hydrogen are some of these elements.

Is British Tan Leather the color?

"British Tan" is both a leather dye and the color. As to its history and popularity, that remains to be found out.

Where can one find good handmade leather wristbands?

Handmade leather wristbands can be found in many different designs on the Etsy website. Additionally, they can be found at craft fairs, fashion stores and on websites like Old School Leather and Rock Candy Miami.

Where can you purchase mens leather coats?

Men's leather coats can be found at department stores such as Macy's and JcPenney's. They can also be found at ultra posh retailers such as Sak's Fifth Avenue, and Nordstrom.

Where can you purchase leather billfolds?

Leather billfolds and other wallets can be found in many physical stores and on various websites. One could check Macy's, Sears, Saddleback Leather or Amazon.

Where can fingerless leather gloves be found?

Fingerless leather gloves can be found at most retail stores that carry bikes. Specialty bike shops would also carry this item. Car dealerships that carry accessories might also carry fingerless leather gloves.

Where do you get knothide leather from on WoW?

You receive knothide, and heavy knothide leather, from skinning Outland beasts. They can be found in the auction house if you are not a skinner.

What chemical does best for a ink stain on white leather shoes?

I wear a lot of leather and have never found anything to take pen or ink out.

How do you make leather armor in minecraft?

Slay a cow, it´ll drop leather. The crafting schemes are found in the related link.

Where is Leather on HorseIsle 2?

There are two kinds of leather that can be found on HorseIsle 2. Leather strips can be bought from the AngleTon, GlacierTon, and DryTon General Stores. Pieces of Leather can be bought from the AngleTon, GlacierTon, and MeadowTon General Stores.

What is the best way to repair a tear in a leather footstool?

The best way to repair a tear in leather is to use a leather repair kit. These kits can be found at several physical and online stores, such as Amazon and Walmart.

Where can one find the value of brown leather bomber jackets?

Brown leather bomber jackets can be found at retail department stores such as Macy's, Bloomingdale's and Nordstrom's and at discount stores like K Mart and Walmart. They are also found in specialty leather shops, leather wholesale outlets and in motorcycle supply shops. Local leather craftsman may also custom-make leather jackets. They can also be made by Native Americans in the southwestern part of the country and by indigenous residents of Mexico just south of the border.

Where online might one find a quality mens leather jacket?

Quality men's leather jackets may be found online from leather clothing merchandise online retail stores. Alternately, they may be found on electronic commercial corporations and online auction sites (e.g. Amazon, eBay).

What kind of chemicals does a tannery use to create leather?

Traditional tanneries used tannin to create leather. Tannin is a naturally occurring chemical that is found in plant tissue. It can also be found in water, soil, and wood.

What clothing artefacts were buried at sutton hoo?

In a site this old most clothing does not survive and only scraps are found ( if any). Leather items does tend to survive, so shoes and leather vests a found at times.

What are the components chemicals of leather?

Leather is animal skin - it is not man made. It can be taken from different animals - common ones are calf skin, pig leather, ostrich leather etc etc. So the chemical components would be those naturally found in skin, same as yours. Fake leather is PVC - polyvinyl chloride.

Where can you buy maxi cleaner for leather?

Maxi Cleaner for leather products can be found at various online stores. It can also be purchased directly from the manufacturer on their website.

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